Hearing Aid waterproof box?


Has anyone found the perfect waterproof box for their hearing aids? I have looked at Otterbox, Pelican, Plano, etc, various fishing, diving and storage boxes and everything I find is either too big or of questionable quality.

-I’m hoping to find a hard case box, certified for water submersion that is rugged and crushproof for carrying in a backpack or suitcase. I would like to have a few on hand for those unexpected wet events. Currently the smallest quality branded one I’ve found is the Pelican 1010, which is still roughly 4.5" long inside and quite oversized for just 2 aids.

I use a Hal-Hen dryer from Costco. It has worked for close to 8 months now without requiring any regeneration yet. If I have one criticism of it, it is that the lid is a bit tight to open. I can’t see it ever leaking. If you want a more compact one they sell a mini version which just has less dessicant and a smaller jar. Probably won’t last quite as long between regenerations, but still should be months.

Hal-Hen Super Mini Dry-Aid

That’s not a bad idea, it is small, but I think I was hoping for something more sturdy? Most desiccant style dryers I’ve seen over the years are thin plastic with a snap type top or similar to that one, a mini glass mason-jar type deal. I think my pelican case I could probably run over with a truck! That does give me an idea though, I could use the extra space in the pelican for desiccant.

Hoping to find one built for the extremes, neither glass or thin plastic. People put 600$ cameras in nice, rugged, foam lined waterproof cases, why not my tiny $6000 dollar aids?!

i read this thread not 5 minutes ago…had no idea… then browsing a site I just found, I saw these.

scroll down towards the bottom

Ooooh, that looks nice. I may be too picky but I m concerned about the “water resistant” spec. It is almost perfect however! Just wish they specced water submersion or similar!

The Hal-Hen is glass, but not really a mason jar with the two piece metal lid. Perhaps they really are a more modern mason jar type, as the lid is metal, one piece, with a rubber – possibly silicone seal. I found the rubber was very grabby and hard to open. I put a very slight amount of silicone lubricant on the rubber and lid. It now operates very smoothly. There is a piece of porous foam rubber inside to cushion the aids. One could add another layer of foam on top. I have traveled with it in our RV 5th wheel trailer and also have flew with them. While I do have a motorcycle, I’m getting a little old to travel on long trips on the bike. As long as they were packed well it should work for that too.

yeah… looking close, I think I see an o-ring seal. My bet is that they have great water resistance, prob even ok submerged to shallow depths, but they didn’t go to the expense/trouble to get any sort of certification…and may not really want to take on liability of claiming a rating.

Agreed, I see an oring as well. I just bought an S3 T1000 box. I’ll update you with how it works! Found it on clearance for 8$, otherwise its 12$ on amazon. Its slightly smaller than the smallest waterproof box I’ve found, rated for 30min at 80ft deep;

Outside is 4.4 x 3 x 1.4
compared to the Pelican 1010 which is
Outside is 5.9 x 4 x 2.1

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May or may not be your cup of tea, but there are a whole bunch of these with different style variations. Easy to open, o-ring seal, and a lanyard. Very compact. And cheap. $5 - $10.

Or like this:

I go whitewater kayaking and often need to keep my phone and keys dry.

Peli make some good cases as do others - what I would say that if you want things to stay bone dry - get a slightly bigger Peli case and put a couple of condiment size storage ‘Tupperware’ containers inside with a silica gel tablet in each.

I tried these Amazon totes for other things. They do not stay waterproof. I use a Pelican 1010 and line it with foam. Also carry in there extra batteries, q-tips and spare wax guards.


I guess I’d be considered an idiot, but I find that a good quality Ziplock bag does the job for me. As long as it is carried in a pocket that doesn’t have sharp objects in it. I’ve done this for years with my iPhone, iPod and other electronic gear and never regretted it.

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ZipLocs tend to split at the seams. I’d use 2 or 3 layers if you’re set on ZipLoc bags and are going to immerse expensive equipment.

Do you have a 3D printer? Thingiverse has a lot of cool designs to print in this vein.