Hearing aid vs. FM system

Hi. I passed an audiogram 9 years ago and only had loss at 20db low frequency. 9 years later i redid and this time its 20 at every frequency except one (dont know witch) that is at 40. According to audiologist it’s in normal range. I was stunned becauae i can’t do this anymore. I have 3 kids and i need to make them scream in my ear when we are in a noisy environment in order to hear them. I suspect thats why o have more loss. So she recommended the phonak roger focus with pen. I have it for 30 days trial and am at my 6 day. Although i was only supposed to use it when in loud noisy places, like restaurants, public transportation, meals… i am using it all day. My family is stunned. I speak lower, i am less frustrated, my kids have less meltdowns, i am less exhausted. The mental exhaustion and the frustration of making ppl repeat was horrible. So i have been reading a lot. I am wondering if a hearing aid would be better and if i should return to audiologist and explain to her thr difference im seeing . Im thinking that if a cros b hearing aid works for a person with no loss in one ear or minimal amplification, why not a hearing aid for me. I would not have to carry a roger pen constantly. I would still get pen for high noise situation. Any info on this. Where? Thanks

Yeah the rest of us would be jealous of your 20db loss.
There was a person posting many months ago that also had a fine audiogram but also struggled. So apparently it’s a thing.
Noise is hard even for the well of hearing.

Im sorry. Dont mean to make anyone jealous. Was trying to find a solution for my problem. I do rather hope i dont get anymore loss.

Welcome to the forums! My sister has a similar struggle…Hearing tests fine but she has trouble actually hearing a number of sounds. She had to buy an expensive amplified stethoscope for work out of pocket (she is a nurse) as she cannot hear with the regular ones.

I would definitely talk to your audiologist. It might be worth trialing see some aids and seeing if they work for you.


If your 40dB frequency is one that’s important for speech then it can be a struggle to gain clarity against the frequencies you hear better. My audiologist said that although my audiogram is quite good she can see why I would struggle to hear speech clearly, especially in noisy places or on tv when background music is playing (modern disney films are awful!) It would help us to know which country you’re in to advise about getting hearing aids. I’ve heard of the Roger Focus but I don’t know much about how it works exactly.

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Thank you so much. I live in montreal Quebec Canada. I could ask audiologist what frequency was it. Or better, get a copy of audiogram
The problem I’m having with Roger focus is that it needs a microphone cause it seems that it does not have any mics on it. So I’m always needing to use pen. But pen is 8 hours battery life and then needs to recharge. That’s my main reason for wanting something else or questioning getting a hearing aid . I know the Roger focus gives about -8 to 8 dB and Max of 20 dB. Any hearing aids like that? I would still buy a roger receiver for those times when I’m in noisy places. Disney movies are hard. Star wars too. Ive been using subtitles for more then 20 years now.

I’d definitely talk to the audiologist and see what they think about trialing hearing aids.

Yes talk to the audiologist and maybe see if there is something you can trial that has a lower powered receiver. They should know best from looking at your audiogram. You may find that hearing aids could be a bit overpowered for your loss (hence why you were offered the roger system) and you’ll hear the machinery buzzing but doesn’t hurt to try them out

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Most modern RIC hearing aids with the least powerful receiver will go to zero gain for your no hearing loss frequencies.

If you learn that you can use typical hearing aids for your situation Costco might be another choice if money is a concern. They have very nice aids at very good prices with excellent service/warranty. The Roger system would be a problem with Costco aids but there are other types of remote mics available that might work for you too.

Good luck

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Im a nurse too. Already have the higher up stethoscope. :slight_smile: Lol. Wish her well. Being a hard of hearing nurse is hard!!! And exhausting!

My first thought was that I just wish I had her problem. But then, I remembered an acquaintance of mine who has fantastic hearing, but cannot understand a word spoken by anyone when in an automobile. I have noticed certain situations where I hear better than he does, and my hearing is very bad. This seems to be a rare, but very real condition. I agree with the others. Go back to your Audiologist and explain your issues with your current set up.

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I believe you motivation is well founded. If you are having trouble understanding with your current loss, and you don’t want to live your life carrying a microphone, hearing aids are appropriate.

Brain function deteriorates over time. Just a fact of life. If your brain is deprived of the verbal cues needed to understand speech, your understanding will decline more rapidly. I am a strong believer in early intervention. Unfortunately my opinion is only mine and is based on observation of my own situation and that of friends.

Your audiologist may be worried that you will think they are trying to up-sell you something you might not need. For many people, the costs override all other logic in addressing the problem.

Good luck on resolving your dilemma.

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My wife seems to have something similar.

I am not even sure how rare it is, because when they go to get their hearing tested they are told everything is fine or they have a minimal loss. And for beeps or speech in quite they are fine, but any background noise and they have trouble understanding.

And background noise has been getting worse.

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What you have is a very real struggle that more people need to get help with. According to researcher Doug Beck of Oticon, there are an estimated 26 million people who have normal audiograms and struggle to hear in noise. Your audiologist did a good job to have you try hearing aids with a remote mic. You may want to google hidden hearing loss or read this article:

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There was another thread about hearing aids for mild losses and and article to help decide. Basically if you are struggling and you find the aid helps then yes worth the investment.

I can’t offer any guidance, I don’t know enough.

I want to say how happy I am for you and for your family! The change you describe is HUGE especially for your children. What a game changer! Good for you seeking out solutions, and then improving on them. Along with being a mom, planning meals, and all that stuff, you are making the time, and it is worth it. This is such a great read.

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Lol today wad my first day back to work after vacation. I did not say anything. But… 5 min in to lunch with collegues and my colleague looks at me funny as im speaking to another colleague. She says whats that talking about roger pen. I tell her i can hear! Sje says ur also talking so low!! Its so different. Wow!!! Did u know ppl make sounds when they eat, not just with mouth open. Did u know a metal table resonates really long when u hit it!!! I had forgotten!!


20HL is “not much”. However I was very distressed when my better ear was 15HL and the other ear went-away (the dotty 2011 lines). Lots of stress even without kids.
I got tested, expecting that an HA would be suggested, but all I got was suggestions about putting talkers on my better side and avoiding noisy places (and more noise exposure; the 2011 trigger was pounding on brake drums).

Even with 50HL 2kHz and up my audiologist was not trying to sell me aid. I finally picked a model and wrote a check to get him moving.

Lots of people DO get-by with loss of this size. And voice in the booth I understand. But the least noise or reverberation (even the tiny reverb of a house) makes a real difference to me.

Yes. Go back, say this helps a LOT, you need it full-time ON your head not in a silly pen.

Being cheap and asocial, I’m starting with one aid. If I were managing 3 kids, I’d want both ears. I frequently hear things “in the wrong place” due to lack of good stereo hearing. I hear a truck ‘in the woods’ and I know it must really be 180 away on the street. And I don’t care. But kids can be anywhere. And you do care.

so its official i am getting a recommendation for hearing aids. the difference with and without aids is substantial. but im wondering… the fact that it will be hearing aids, am i to expect any differences other then to not be holding a microphone. feels so steap as a price difference for just not holdig a microphone, i paid less then 2500 for 2 ears and a pen 3 year warranty 100% and a loss replacement within that time frame.

I do not have insight into the pricing of these things.

The Focus is “just” a way to hear at a distance. It does not offer tone control or (much) automatic volume control.

A true modern hearing aid has a lot of processing and needs a lot of professional adjustment, which drives up the price. The fancy ones have directional microphone and noise suppression which gives the effect of “reaching out” without holding a pen toward the sound you wish to hear.

And two on-ears microphones gives “stereo”. Did that scream come from left or right? I can’t see how that pen can give natural stereo.

I had an incident today: I thought my neighbor was near but where? I am using only one aid, so I heard the footsteps, but guessed wrong about the direction. Several times. Fortunately her old man is deafer than me, she knows the score, she kept saying “Hello!” until I found her.