Hearing aid visibility

When wearing my hearing aids - KS8S - the aids are visible over the top of my ears (when viewed from the front). When I asked Costco about this, they said the wires should be shorter. Can I see comments here: if the wires are longer can the aids be made to sit farther down the back of the ear so they are not visible from the front?

Why should it matter anymore that hearing aids are visible than if glasses are visible?


I’m a little confused by their response, or at least by how you stated it. The shorter the wires, the further forward the hearing aids will ride. The longer the wires, the further back they will ride. I just looked at mine (KS7s). The tops of the hearing aids are barely visible from the front. (Of note, NOBODY has ever mentioned my hearing aids. When I’ve asked what they thought of them, the typical response is “What hearing aids?”
So the confusing part is that you said they said they should be shorter. Your thinking is correct regarding being longer getting them further back.

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Yes, I think a longer wire would let them sit lower. However keep in mind that HA’s have mics situated so they have a directional effect. Not sure what having the hearing aids totally behind the ear would do for directionality.


Yes, I could see how siting the aids further back could affect directionality, but they didn’t mention that when I asked them about it. What does the Good Book say: “Vanity, vanity, all is Vanity”…

I won’t judge vanity, but I would encourage paying attention to something somebody cares about. NOBODY cares about your hearing aids. Polish your shoes, get a haircut, wear a tie and somebody might notice. They won’t notice your hearing aids.

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Believe me when I say…

an untreated hearing loss will show more than any hearing aid ever will.

You know those times where people act like they heard what was said with this goofy unsure look on their face, answer a question with an answer that has nothing to do with the question, or say something someone else just said because they couldn’t hear the conversation? That doesn’t make them look old, it makes them look like they aren’t all there.



Counterpoint :slight_smile:

In occasional conversations I mention my hearing aids like I would mention the avocado I added to my salad at lunch. People always say, “hearing aids? really?” Of course I wear athletic shoes - no polish, have not worn a tie in decades, and no haircut for well over a year (growing it long to donate to other cancer survivors, since I am blessed with an abundance of hair still).


My first ever hearing aids as a teenager back in the 1970s were the body worn style with cords and big white button ear pieces. I moved to standard size BTEs a few years later but these came with full shell moulds because of the level of amplification I need.

I’ve always been curious as why anyone wants to hide their hearing aids because if your hearing is bad enough for you to need hearing aids then family, friends, work colleagues and anyone you met before you got your hearing aids must have suspected that you had a hearing loss, so why would anybody be surprised to see your hearings aids when you first got them?


I wear a pair of Phonak Naida Q90 UP hearing aids. It is BTE with 675 battery - one of the largest. I wear them not only because they meet my hearing need, but also they are big and more visible than smaller ones. I hope people talk to me slowly and clearly when they see the hearing aids.

I know there are many others who prefer smaller and invisible HAs. I respect and understand their opinion.

My first aids were CICs because I didn’t want other people to see that I wore them. I told my audi that I needed hearing aids good but small. I was afraid of being fired from my work for wearing hearing aids at relatively young age. I was not in the USA.

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Why are you worried about people seeing your hearing aids? Spare a ought for men who have Cochlear Implants, they can’t be hidden!


If people can see your aids they think you can hear! As we all know this is not necessarily true.

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I agree most don’t understand that hearing aids are not like glasses. But I am very lucky to have an Audi that has been willing to work with me for over 8 months to get my aids fitted to the point that I can hear with my aids just as good as I can see with my glasses.

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The RIC aid wire length is a bit confusing.
You would think the longer wire would allow the aid to lay further back on the ear, at least that is what I thought. As I have learned the too long of a wire will actually make the aid ride high above the ear from the preformed stiffness of the wire.
Some of us find ourselves in the middle size wise. Have to get used to it.

Very experienced techs know how to get around that…

You use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat and reshape the wire so it lays perfectly. I do this often, because ears, in general, are shaped similarly, but also unique to each individual.


If you are bothered that folks can see your HAs you can always grow your hair a bit longer.

One of my issues is people who talk w/o looking at me. Although I am not a lip reader, having the person facing me helps greatly with word identification. I’m always reminding my daughter to do that so I don’t get the wrong word, especially at the end of a comment.

If you have had a hearing loss for any amount of time you read lips and do not know it. And as for as people seeing my hearing aids, the only ones that have ever said anything about my aids are other people that wear hearing aids. I am a man and I wear my hair the same as I have always, in a military flattop.

My landing strip has gotten much smaller! (flat top)
I have cut my own hair for most of my life. My father cut it before that.

What’s more important, understanding what people say or how you look? The people normally around you are thankful you are wearing hearing aids.

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When I switched from domes to molds my BTE aids were higher on my ear and more visible. I went to Costco to make an appointment to ask my tech about that. The person at the desk took my aids, cleaned them, changed the wax guards, and put slightly longer wires on both aids. The entire process took about 5 minutes.

As I have often said on this forum I would wear hearing aids the size of large bananas if I thought they would assist me to hear better!!! There is no shame or stigma attached to deafness nowadays, it is a disability and like all disabilities people should show respect and perhaps some compassion for any fellow human being afflicted by hearing loss as we all age and someday it could very well be them… Been wearing aids for 35 + years and I am quite happy for anyone to see them and I will quite happily change the batteries in front of work colleagues or clients, tis water off a ducks back to me… cheers Kev :wink: