Hearing Aid Visibility/Invisibility

Personally, I like wearing glasses, even though I have started wearing them at an older age, so I was well self-conscious when I got them. However, I don’t want to wear hearing aids that are visible, as I want to fit in with people more easily; I don’t want to feel different/distanced; the reason I feel distanced with visible hearing aids is because they are much less common than glasses.

It’s like comparing two styles of clothes, one is the trend, and one stylish yet daring and rare. Except that wearing Hearing Aids also implies the fact that you are impaired, not only wearing a daring, rare object.

I kind of thought the way you do at first, but after getting hearing aids and ones that are very visible(BTE’s with ear molds) I found that very few people even noticed them( people seem to see your face and not your ears) and those that did could care less that I was wearing HA or made a comment like I need to get HA too! ( HA wearers , those that need them and little kids seem to be the only ones who notice HA).