Hearing Aid tube pinching ear and fit questions

Hey all,

New to this as most people are that are posting. I am on a trial of Oticon Intiga hearing aids that use a RIC tube. I am having a problem where the hearing aid tube rubs on the front top of my ear. At the end of the day there is a little indent on the front top of my ear that is red. Is it just something you have to get used to or can it be adjusted?

I have tried to play with the position of the tube but it seems to only fit in the one place that it rubs and makes sore after wearing for the day.

Another question is that the part that goes into my ear seems to not go in that far at all. I expected it to go in much farther. I have previously tried a Soundlens CIC aid and it went in MUCH farther than this RIC does.

I don’t have another appt for a couple of weeks, although I can call and try and get moved up. My Audi did measure my ears before ordering.

I tried some searches on here and couldn’t find any posts about this but I am sure it must be a common problem.

BTW I love the sound from the Intiga’s. They sound great it is just a fit issue.

Thanks for any help…

You properly need longer tubes, that will help with the problems. It will also allow them to go further in your ears.

if your AD has the longer size it should take 5 mins top foor them to be switched. I would call the office and let them know so they will have them on hand.

I had the exact same problem.
(search post titled: New HA “owner” needing help/advice before too late. Sorry I can’t post links yet)
I finally decided to go to another Hearing Aid place. The person fitting me was very nice but not an audiologist. It also seems she didn’t have very much experience with the Intiga.
I really liked them too. I’ll try another place and see if they can make it fit better. Or, like some said in the post from the link, I may just have a weird head and have to try another brand.:rolleyes:
I’ll keep looking here to see if you find out the solution.

Well I did go back to my audiologist and he did put longer tubes on. One ear is better, not as much pain the other still hurts. It isn’t as bad though. I figure if I can tough through it a few days my ears will get used to it. I do like the sounds I can hear now. I feel like it is worth it if I don’t have to put up with constant ear pain. :slight_smile: I will post again in a few days to update you all.

try contacting your company. they should make it easy for you.

Hi, I’m wondering what you decided. I’m getting ready to order the Intiga 8’s in the morning. Do you still have them and do you like them?

It shouldn’t be hard to get the right tube length. We use a template to measure the ear, and I find there is a balance between comfort and vanity. The tube can either sit out a bit to the side, or lie flat. I have never fitted this particular hearing aid, but have a lot of experience with open fit in general.
Elaine from Australia

The wires connecting the processor with the receiver do not always follow the natural pathway of the ear.

When I’m fitting the Intega I often have to bend the wire coming out of the processor. Doing that will relieve the pressure on the sore spot.

You probably will want to go with a larger size wire since bending will distort the sizing.

The longer wire will NOT allow the receiver to go furthur into the ear.

The deep insertion CIC you had before does go farther into the ear than any RIC. That’s their design. Can’t compare the two.

By the way, the Intega is a great aid.

I have the ReSound RIC and it goes in further than my CIC. Mine cannot be seen. You can see the wire going in but nothing else. I use the tulip domes.

You may be experiencing a fit related issue with the length of the reciever wire. Perhaps the next size up will relieve some of that pulling.

As for the fit in your ear, RIC hearing aids with custom tips cannot be compared to an IIC like a SoundLens (although I don’t understand why they aren’t building them deeper fitting like an IIC).

Generally the current reason why they are not building them like the IIC, is due to the wire length in your ear canal. It isn’t long enough for that type of build.

All heads are not created equal.
It may help to know that the tubes can be bent after gently warming with a hair dryer with a narrow end. The warming makes the plastic tube more flexible.
Gently warm the tube and gently bend to the desired shape, hold until cool and try for size.
If in doubt, don’t. Let your audio do it for you - thats what you paid for.
Good luck and be careful.:slight_smile: