Hearing aid trade in?

Hi, I’m a college student with severe hearing loss (I’m moderate at the 2 lowest frequencies and severe at everything else) my speech discrimination is good for the ammount of loss I have- 70% at 80db but it is bad at softer levels. My hearing loss is progressive, last year I lost 10-20 dB at all frequencies. The thing is, I got new Canta 470 BTEs 3 years ago and they were really expensive. Now I find that they don’t provide enough power and my audie says I don’t have much more “wiggle room”. She suggested getting new Power or Super Power BTEs. I’m all for that but I can’t afford them.
Is there a program where I can trade in my current hearing aids and get new ones? I definately need more power, volume control and DAI which my current aids don’t have.
We didn’t know that my loss was progressive when I got my current aids or I would have gotten something I can “grow into” more easily.

Any advice?

If the Canta’s don’t have enough power, than you are in need of some pretty powerful hearing aids.

In what area do you currently live?

Does your audi maybe offer a trade in program? Maybe they can offer you a reduced rate than usual based on the fact that you are a student and that new hearing aids may not be affordable now, but they maybe can have a long lasting relationship with you and have you re-purchase hearing aids later at normal cost.

Where are you? What state?