Hearing Aid setting adjustment for call, video and audio player


Hello Folks,

I need some advice on configuring my new BTE hearing aid Signia motion 7px.
English is my second language. I am not having much issue in understanding my native language over call/tv/laptop etc but with US english , I am facing issue in understanding over the call/conference call. Since this is my highest priority for time being. I can hear only from my left ear.
Could you please advise the setting change for the kind of hearing loss I have for understanding USA speech over call? Audiology report is added.

Thanks in advance.


Put your loss into the software and let the Autofit do it for you - use this as the basis for your subsequent adjustments.


It sounds like you speak one of the tonal languages. If so, you could ask to have one program fit for that and another for English etc. Accents of all types can confuse. Listen to news broadcast etc. using the accent that gives you problems.


Thanks @KenP. I can understand the news broadcast very clearly over my phone or laptop when connected via HA.
Its just over the phone/conference call where I get into problem to understand the USA accent. Any suggestions on this?


It sounds like it may be the phone service used by your company. You might ask your IT people if the calls are coming in within the spec they were to receive. You may not be getting the bandwidth and ping you were contracted to have.

I’ve been on support calls that weren’t as understandable as they should be.


Don’t forget many phone signals are frequency compressed into a 500Hz-4KHz bandwidth, overlay that on the loss and look what you get.


Thanks @KenP and @Um_bongo : I will be visiting my Audi this weekend.


@KenP and @Um_bongo : Just out of curiosity, why is it difficult to for me understand the USA english accent on phone call but I can easily understand any Asian/Indian speaking English perfectly fine over the phone call with/without HA. The reason I am asking this because I will be travelling for work to Milwaukee soon from India. I am really working hard to overcome this situation.


Likely that there’s more compression over the satellite signal than there is over the domestic network. Locally, the cost per packet is going to be very small, but that gets way more expensive when you bounce them off a couple of satellites so the fewer packets in use the cheaper the service, despite the compromise in clarity. That’s before you consider stray packets and signal interference etc.

Also there may be a bit of an issue with different phone system standards, your local phones will be made to operate across a certain voltage to your exchange so reproduction will be similar at both ends. When you have mismatched systems at either end, there’s no commonality across the devices so the won’t necessarily give an equal response.


Thanks for explaining the technical stuffs but we use Skype for business via laptop/computer . I believe the bandwidth will be same over the computer network in the organisation isn’t it?