Hearing Aid Reviews on Tracker


I see some features are highlighted in blue and others in orange. i’m not sure what this means and see no explanation.



We have plans to revise our product pages and this may or may not change, but basically we use the colors to differentiate between hardware and software features. Hardware features are like telecoils and IP ratings and I believe those are orange.


Thanks. Now it makes sense to me.


Maybe you can point me to the method for entering my audiogram in my profile. I don’t have it on pdf. I have tried various times to input it manually. No luck.


Try this here.


Firefox worked well. Chrome: not well. Thanks for your patience.

  • Which method did you use? Clicking on the graph, or inputting the values manually?
  • What operating system and chrome version?



Chrome didn’t work well (I don’t know what version). I used Firefox on iPad and input manually.