Hearing Aid Reviews Lack Objective Data?

Wow, I won’t spend that much for a Roger Select. And yep the students would no doubt mess with it. In 90 percent of schools I teach in here in the Twin Cities, the prisoners are running the jail :slight_smile:

Best HA give 5db snr, mics give 15.
It you don’t need that, awesome.
But cheapest HAs plus mic will give better snr than most expensive ones without the mic. That’s the fact. And I’d never recommend highest level of tech as best for poor snr.

And it works on the table with bunch of stuff on it.

@jaseverson but yes, it’s range is around that one table, not for classrooms.
Pen could be pointed, but if there’s noise, I couldn’t figure out the position to make it work. In quiet it grabs from a few meters. But with pen you could hold and walk among the students and interview them if they’re relatively quiet / noise is behind your back.

When I say noise, it’s street noise and shopping center noise and restaurant noise that pen was poor at in table or Interview mode from a distance.

Without aid I cannot understand a shit on that ear :rofl:
With aid, my best is around 70 wrs over air (that’s words only, that’s harder)
Direct streaming or mic gives better comprehension, to the point that I don’t feel disabled, even though I don’t understand 100%, but I can follow the conversations :slight_smile: and look at the things around when someone’s pointing it and still hear what’s said bc mic is catching it and sending directly into my ears. Yes, good ear is still carrying the weight, but without aids relying only on good ear with fan noise my comprehension is around 70-80, with speech babble I’m lost, I resort to nodding or high focus. Maybe better if I plug the bad ear.
Aids + mic enabled me to finally be able to have a laugh with friends in restaurant bc I could hear the joke.

Aids alone couldn’t do it, even though they’re highest tech.