Hearing aid repair vs new pair

Hi all, I’ve been wearing a pair of Beltone TRU963DW hearing aids since 2011. I’ve been with Beltone my entire life mainly because when my hearing loss was diagnosed at 5 we went a friend of the family audiologist who was with Beltone. My point being: the TRU936s worked well but I’ve only ever been with Beltone so I have no reference point for comparison.

The left aid has finally ceased working properly after limping along for a bit. For a while I would be able to move it around and sound would come back but that is no longer the case. I visited an audiologist for an exam and she tried to resurrect it with no luck.

We discussed options for a new pair which included the Resound LINX3D 561 which was quoted at $4300 for the pair. Due to finances that is pretty much out of the question. She also quoted the Enya 362 as an option at 2400.

I also did a lot of research regarding the Costco options and the Forte 8 at 2800$ seems like it would be a better option than the Enya 362 for 400$ more. Finally, I could also get the left one repaired by Beltone for something like 400$.

My main question is this: how much of an improvement over the Beltone pair are the Enya 362 and Forte 8? I included an image of my hearing test results:

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I vote for trying the Forte 8. I suspect your current aids are near end of life and will continue to need repair. I am not all familiar with the Enya 362, but am convinced the Forte 8 is considerably nicer as it is a premium aid. Assuming you live in the US, you can try out the Forte 8 at no risk for 6 months as you can get a full refund if you don’t like it. You also get all service free from Costco and a full 3 year warranty that can be increased by a year if you use a Costco credit card to purchase.

I also say try something new. You’ve been satisfied with your current 7-year old aids but you’ve had nothing to compare them with. There’s been a lot of improvement in HA technology since 2011. You might be surprised at what you’ve been missing. With Costco’s prices and return policy what have you got to lose? Good luck!

There has been a huge increase in technology in the last seven years. I sold my hearing aid practice in 2005 but worked as a Practice Development Consultant with Phonak for the next 8 years. Although I am not familiar with the Enya or Forte, I know that back in 2011 Phonak’s circuit had 15- 20 Million transistors and today hearing aids can have up to 70-80 million transistors. The extra processing power today allows the instruments to do more for you in difficult situations. One thing to keep in mind is that in most cases, the Basic model in a product line and the Premium model both have the same circuit. The only difference is which features are turned on by the manufacturer, but the circuit and processor are the same. Basically, if you don’t need a set of additional features, don’t pay the extra money. But on the other hand, if you are in difficult situations often, don’t expect the basic model to perform as well as the higher priced model. That all being said, I would advise going with something new rather than limp along with 7 year old instruments.