Hearing Aid Repair Service

My Wife’s (left) Oticon Epoq XW went dead!! It can still be detected, and programmed with the fitting software. But it fails to produce sound, and it even fails to produce feedback when you cup it in your hand.

In the past I have used Hearing Haven (repair price per aid is $175). They did a good job repairing my hearing aid that went dead after getting wet.

This time I’m trying Earmax Lab (repair price per aid is $100).

I will pay via PayPal funded via credit card to retain my credit card chargeback rights just in case something goes awry. Wish me luck.

The hearing aid should arrive at the Lab by Monday July 23rd. A couple weeks later I will post about how this repair service worked out.

Wow, quick turnaround!!

The broken hearing aid arrived at the Lab on Saturday July 21. They must have repaired it over the weekend because I received tracking information on Sunday July 22.

The tracking information today Monday, July 23 is:
Priority Mail
Dispatched to Sort Facility
July 23, 2012, 6:08 pm

So I should have it back on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will post the results in a couple of days.

If you don’t mind my asking, how old was the aid? I just had my vigo repaired by Oticon
themselves …payed more than double that… and I can see on the casing that the aid was

I think 5 years because of the “07” imprinted inside the battery door…

Sorry, the picture got lost.

When I had my Vigo Pro repaired by www.DirectHearingAidServices.com they had to open it up and when I got it back you could not tell it had been opened to do the repair.

You misspelled the web address. It’s hearingaidrepairservices.com

Also note that hearingaidrepairservices.com is the same as EarMax Lab

Sorry about that, it’s been corrected.

Got the hearing aid back today. It works great.

Sorry, the picture got lost.

I’m surprised a guy with your tech savvy wasn’t able to diagnose this yourself.

True. Wouldn’t a dry and store sort this problem out? I can’t live without mine. :slight_smile:

That was my first thought when I read the invoice. :o

I know you think you got a “deal” by paying only $100 for the “repair” of your wife’s hearing aid.

But this is one of those cases which define foolishness.

The aid was NOT repaired, it was cleaned.

When you go to a reputable audiologist with a malfunctioning hearing aid they will troubleshoot the aid BEFORE sending it to the repair lab.

Clients come into my office ( I am an audiologist in So Cal ) every day with aids “not working”,like your wife’s aid.

At least 50% of the time the aid is fine, all it needs is a new filter or to be cleaned or a new tube. And that does not cost %100. In my office its anywhere from nothing ( if you’re a client of mine ) to $35 if you’re new to my office.

If the aid is truly defective and has to go to the factory it is more than $100,you’re right, then the $100 price is a bargain. But you don’t know what’s wrong until its inspected.

So you spent way more than you would have had you taken it to a private office,and you think you got a “deal”.

My advice is to bring the aid to a private office. Let them diagnose the problem and fix it as need be. Sometimes it will cost nothing, sometimes a few hundred dollars.

Oh and by the way, when I do have the factory repair and aid, I reprogram the aid to the client’s current hearing level, I check the ear canal for wax and remove the wax if necessary. And I have the client come in for a checkup just before the repair warranty expires to see if there is any other problem with the aid that we can have fixed under the warranty.

You received NONE of these services for your $100.

Can I mail it to you the next time for $35? The answer is no, right?

What is your price for a set of top brand name hearing aids? Is it in the $5000 range? The answer is yes, right?

I know you think you are being helpful. But you’re not.


So the moral of his story is that you should pay $5000 for a set of hearing aids so you can get them cleaned and inspected for free. No thanks! And he thinks I’m the one who is foolish. Duh.

Look, you think you got a deal, fine, think what you want.

But the fact remains that what you think was a “repair” was no more than “in office” service. And no audiologist that I know of charges $100 to replace a filter or change a tube.

What I charge for new hearing aids is not relevant to this discussion.

All I was doing is letting OTHERS know that your actions , while YOU may think they were “smart shopping” were actually penny wise and pound foolish.

Again, my advice is to deal with a reputable audiologist. You will be better served in the short and the long run.

You may think that charging $5000 for a set of hearing aids is not relevant to this discussion. But you are wrong! How else are you be able to provide your wonderful free services?

look, you want to justify spending $100 to have your aid cleaned, fine. Next time send it to me, I’ll charge you $90.

Win win situation. I make $90 for doing $35 worth of work,and you think you got another deal.

I am not trying to justify anything. If you read more closely you may see that I was embarrassed for not repairing it myself.

But your position that it’s better to overpay thousands for hearing aids just so that you can get them inspected for free seems very silly to me.

I have saved thousands by not following professional advice like the advice that you just gave.

I know that human nature is to try and justify their actions, we all do it.

you are talking about a REPAIR on an aid, not the PURCHASE of new aids. So what difference does it make what I charge for new aids? The FACT is that if you had walked into my office off the street you would have walked out less than 30 minutes later with a working hearing aid and it would have cost you $35, not the $100 you paid.

And, as I read your posts , you spent a week without your aid, correct?

Again, you fail to notice that I was embarrassed for not repairing the aid myself and that I’m not trying to justify anything.

I can’t walk into your office. The offices that I can walk into offer free services like you do. But they expect you to have paid $5000 (or some even $6000) for a set of hearing aids sold by them.

By charging high prices for purchasing new aids they are able to offer these free services. Now do you get it Bunky?