Hearing aid receiver power


Not sure if there is anyone here that can answer this general question. But I have a 80 db loss at 2K what power receiver would they more than likely give me in new hearing aids.


You are likely a high power receiver in the Resound world. Look at my audiogram. I am a medium power.


A receiver with 50db gain would cover that.


I think most medium powered receivers would cover your loss. To know for sure, you need to look at the hearing aids fitting range. If I remember correctly, you like Oticon, so it woud be the 85 receiver.


Agree with above posts. The Oticon OPN 85dB receivers could be suitable for your hearing loss.


I was thinking 85 or 90. But I am take the 80 dB st 2K from my test in 2014, I haven’t seen my test results from the first of this month.