Hearing aid problems

I am hoping someone can help me.
I seem to have a problem finding the right words to describe my problems I encounter with my aids when speaking to my audi.
He made an adjustment the other day and now when I go into a store the background noise seem to override what the cashiers are saying to me. Also when I speak to them it seems I can barely hear my own voice. I speak and it sounds like I’m talking thru my nose. To me that represented a tinny sound, but my audi says tinny is not the word for what I am describing.
When I am at home with just my husband and we talk, sometimes his words and my words to him sound like they hum. Or maybe I should say distorted.]
I just don’t know how to explain this when visiting my audi.
I have profound hearing loss in both ears. Due to a high sensitivity in my right ear, I cannot wear an aid so I wear one only in the left ear. Are there certain words I can use to help myaudi make the right adjustment ??

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I’m going back to see him today and I feel it’s already not going to help because I don’t know how to describe this problem.

Thanx to anyone who can help me

Since this is a free forum, and I recently had my one hearing aid adjusted
I’ll take a guess…

I have my Oticon DigiFocus adjust after 6 years of use. My complaint was,
usually toward the end of the day, sounds seemed not be as crisp or
perhaps it was missing or not amplify some frequencies… I describe it this
way because it wasn’t like it was not working or amplifying.

My dispenser, to be concise, seemed to turn up amplification of certain
frequencies. I believe also he removed some compression slightly when
turning them up. In particular the lower frequency bar/band of 1000 Hz
was turned up…this after a real ear test with someone speaking showed
the 1000Hz range not getting amplified quite like the rest. This could be
because of the age of my aid. My latest hearing test did not show any
real difference in loss.

That said, and to get back to your question, I cannot say I agree with
my amplification boost 100%… yes, like you, converation and hearing is
better…but crowds and loud areas seem to be getting too much. In
particular I am concerned as this 1000Hz range seems to be the range that
the refrigerator motor may be in…suddenly I cannot only hear the refrigerator
motor (I did before) but it seems too prominent. So your situation seems similar to mine…louder is not necessarily better depending on the frequency and situation. It may be your audi needs to adjust the compression or amplication of a particular range.

I agree with the frustration of trying to explain the sound to an audi/dispenser. This is where I think, through experience with fittings and
knowledge of the software and aids, an audi/dispenser is suppose to help.
Do keep going back to your audi till sound right.


This can sometimes be frustrating for both you and your audi.

Although he/she may have access to some of the best equipment (real ear or speech mapping), sometimes you also need to work with the basics, such as looking at the venting, amount of compression used and my old favorite…tune them to the sound of your voice.

This may sound like going backwards, yet it is a very quick and dirty way to tune the hearing aids to match your needs better. Many manufacturer’s software will have fine tuning instructions based on this very method.

I have found that when the patient’s voice sound good, balanced and natural, everything seems to fall in place.

Have your audi give it a try.

Also, please post what type of instruments you are wearing (brand and model).

Thank You for your help.
He did end up adjusting some of the low frequencies. This has seemed to help a lot. I sound better to myself when I speak. My husbands voice doesn’t seem to vibrate in my ear when he talks to me.
It is so very strange trying to get use to the new adjustments. It seems like it takes me a long time to adjust to the new sound. The only problem I have now is if my husband and I are riding in the car together, I have a hard time understanding him when he speaks to me. His voice sounds low. It’s not that the car sounds are too loud they don’t appear to be. Maybe it’s just because I cannot see his face to lip read ( i do a lot of that ).
Anyway, my hearing aid is an Audibel Juno BTE that I purchased last year.
I wish I had known of this forum before I bought it. I see a lot a good reviews on hearing aids, unfortuneately none of them Audibels. I didn’t know, I thought I was buying a good aid. I’m stuck with it now, can’t afford to buy another. I wear an aid in the left ear only. I’m told a aid for the right ear would do me no good.
Anyway thank you again

Great to hear you are a little more comfortable.

We created this forum exactly so that users can share their experiences, both good and bad with hearing aids.

Glad to have you as a member.