Hearing Aid Pricing Survey - US Buyers Only Please

Help us understand the true cost of hearing aids in the United States!

There are more ways to buy hearing aids than ever before. We need your help to truly understand the costs and purchasing options that exist, so we can help make your next buying decision easier and more affordable than the last!

Begin the survey: Hearing Aid Pricing Survey

About the survey

Hearing Tracker and the Hearing Loss Association of America, with the help of advocate Katherine Bouton, have collaborated to create a truly unique survey to get to the bottom of hearing aid pricing in the United States. Through the survey, we hope to learn more about online hearing aid sellers, network discounters, and your options when it comes to saving money with insurance.


Thanks to @z10user2 and other beta testers from this forum for helping us with the survey. If you completed this survey while in the beta phase, we unfortunately will not be able to use your submission for the final analysis. If you would like to have your response included, please take the finalized version of the survey. So sorry for the inconvenience.

We are at about 1900 results now, and shooting for 2k. Please take the survey now if you haven’t already. Thank you!