Hearing Aid Preferences in 2020: Importance ratings from over 15,000 people

We’ve now had over 15k people take the survey on our hearing aid recommendation engine. I crunched the numbers, and here are the results that emerged.


Hello Abram. I am assuming that hearing in noise is the same category as hearing speech. When you are in a noisy environment what else would you want to be listening to besides speech, maybe music.?

Do you think there is a reason that the term speech is not used? Someday someday maybe there will be a HA that well perfect speech. I still have a problem with speech as most of us do.

Thank you for what you do on this forum.


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I’m not Abram… Understanding speech in noise is what I’m pretty sure he means. Similarly, ‘hearing in quiet’ just means understanding speech. If I’m wrong, I’m sure he’ll correct me. Hearing in noise is probably up there because that’s where many people feel their hearing aids let them down, or at least that’s where they feel their hearing lets them down.


Yes, I had to shorten the terms due to space issues in the chart. If you’re curious you can go through the actual survey on our main site to see what the questions look like.

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Nice survey with “first five categories” pretty much spot on. Though I might put “hearing in quiet” above reliability. Not exactly sure why water resistance/dust resistance are rated so high? Since pretty much all HA’s are completely sealed and should never be worn in the rain (without protection) or in dust storms. Wonder if water resistance relates too moisture collection from sweat, humidity and general dampness. There is a difference.

So curious why remote mics is third from the bottom when that helps so much with #1 hearing in noise. Do people not know about them or dislike them or what?

A lot of people really dislike the idea of having to carry something else with them. I think that combined with most people not knowing how well they can work leads to the low results for remote mics.

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For me, water resistance is more sweat resistance. I like to stream audio while doing yard work, or woodworking, etc. where there is no air conditioning and my scalp gets pretty moist. My old hearing aids would just cut out, or act wonky. Modern aids are better, but they can get a little wonky when sweaty.

Speech either in noise or silent is paramount followed by Moisture/sweat resistance. Hoping those new Resound ONE are as good as the material describes them to be