Hearing aid photo collection. Post your hearing aid photos here

Don’t do this at home either! Someone I know was having problems changing his wax filters. He said, no matter how hard I push, the filter won’t stay in??

You don’t need to muscle the wax filters on. A slight click and they are secure.


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Nice molds, what’s the function of the protrusions? Keeping the molds inside the ear canal?

yes. kind of a hook that curves at the back.

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Inside Phonak Audeo M 90 Recharcables.


My new baby. I’m supposed to get the mold tomorrow! This is just a temporary…
Technically I have had more but I lost them all :frowning:

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Here’s the insides of a Nios V H20 that I disassembled for cleaning.


A photo I’ve recently made is showing an optical illusion which may be used by manipulative hearing aid sales people to demonstrate the customer a size difference (mostly between two different brands).

Be aware that the hearing aid on the outer (imaginary) circle line always seems to be smaller in such a comparison! :grinning:


Phonak Audeo Marvel M70-R’s in black.

Phonak TV Connector off Ebay. Not sure if it’s old or new model. Obviously, the one without the touch buttons on the top surface. It’s REALLY compact. Hardly thicker than the Micro USB connector.

Yeah, I lost my old Phonak Savia Art that I got 15 years ago.


I guess this qualifies as an update. I donated my old Sonus hearing aids as well as the Widex Dreams to the Lions Club this morning. Threw in a half dozen or so pair of my old glasses while I was at it.


Guess I was feeling a bit nostalgic this morning. I broke out the ol’ Resound Linx2s; just to see . . . They still work, but seem to sound a little–I don’t know–flat? Maybe my hearing has changed a bit since I used them. Maybe I need to schedule an audio exam?

Picture of the new:




Hi @sombodynobody02, could you post a comparison of a resound linx3d non telecoil, a resound Quattro rechargeable non telecoil and a resound Quattro rechargeable telecoil? I’m about to order new aids and am wondering what to expect from a size perspective. Thanks!

OK, how’s this? (Doesn’t do much, and I now know why.) EarHorn-2019
No problem with battery life… :rofl:


Marvels with titan slim tip moulds.

Titan moulds can be fit to smaler ear channels because it´s stronger than standard acrylic.

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Awesome they look great, any feedback issues with the vent, what size receivers are used, standard or medium power.

Feed-back you prevent with feed-back test. The question is - will the feed-back test “dive” in to your gain curve :slight_smile: . M-receivers where used on these.

Yes that’s right… sometimes.

This is dependent on the vent size, yours look like on the left 2mm or 3mm on the right a bit smaller.
They are nice and compact for medium power, I’ve always thought Phonak do better molds with 3D and all, and I think these ones show it.


I’ll take one order of those hot PINK ones! Doesn’t matter if they work. I’ll just wear them like jewelry!!! LOVE that color! :smile: