Hearing aid photo collection. Post your hearing aid photos here


Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

Thanks to a good teacher the pictures are great.


Up/left - Pulse – DOT – Agil – Epoq
(Just to see the difference/size/development)

Marvel - 312 – 312 Telecoil – 13 Telecoil – Rechargeable – Rechargeable Telecoil.


I don’t remember the Epoq being that BIG. I thought it was a Chili.

Try viewing that photo the following way (if viewing from a desktop computer);
Click the image twice for hi-resolution and then enlarge your Browser window to fullscreen


Excellent information and photos, @somebodynobody02. If you have close-up photos of the Oticon OPN models (original version) vs the upcoming OPN S models–and the new charger–please post them. Thanks for sharing.


Just stumbled on this post. Somehow missed it before. Very cool! I updated the title to reflect what the thread has evolved into.


I LOVE museums! (And with my 5 pair I thought I had a collection; LOL)
In addition to those I’ve also donated some of my old HAs to the Community Outreach Program for the Deaf–(COPD) here in Tucson.


Speaking of museums, and Tucson;
She likes Old Tucson;
She just finished watching Frontier Gal (1945) - IMDb that was filmed in Old Tucson. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@richnfamus1 her you go


Thanks, @sombodynobody02. Your photos are really helpful. Might you have any of the upcoming Oticon OPN-S lithium-ion rechargable? (Or am I asking too soon?) :slight_smile:


I dont have it now, I will post it when I get it :slight_smile:


This is my accum–uh, I mean collection.

Top left are SONUS–which I believe are rebranded Siemens. Sonus is called Premier Hearing now.

Top Right are Widex Dream–Billed as “The First Made For iPhone” Hearing aids. I never got the streamer, so I’ll have to take their word for that. The Right one had to be completely rebuilt twice in less than a year because of problems with moisture.

Bottom Left are Resound Linx 2. I did use these to stream audio from my iPhone 6–until I got mad at iPhone and went to my current LG G6.

Bottom Right are Resound Linx 3d. They wouldn’t stream with my LG, but at least I could use the Smart3d APP.

And there in the middle are my current Phonak Audeo M 90 Recharcables. I don’t currently have an iPhone (though I am toying with the idea of going back) They work great with my LG–I esp. like hands free calling–But, in the end; an LG isn’t an iPhone.


Great! Thanks very much for posting @sombodynobody02 Very interesting and beautiful photos!


@postagedew thanks for the “stoires” it makes the pictures more interesting :slight_smile:


Here are mine, 2016 Phonak Brio P-UP.


Very nice! Love the colors!


Hmmm–guess that should be @Zebras. Haven’t quite got the hang of this stuff yet.


I don’t think there’s enough variety there… :rofl:


Deleted because of misunderstanding


I think davart is making a joke about the variability in the appearance of Zebras HA’s - although at first I thought that he was joking that your marvelous HA collection is nowhere near big enough (certainly a number of HA’s that none of us could probably accumulate in 10 lifetimes!).,


Thanks @jim_lewis for clearing that up. Yes, it was aimed solely at @Zebras pimped up HAs in a tongue in cheek fashion!

I’ve sent a PM to @sombodynobody02 to clarify.