Hearing aid photo collection. Post your hearing aid photos here


Phonak HA.

Batteries are only for size compairing.


BAHA with softband


Siemens Signia with domes


BAHA Super Power Rechargeble


Phonak Audeo

Are we source of BIG money?

Dang! This is an excellent size comparison of the entire Phonak Audéo B lineup (all but the Phonak Audéo B Direct) which is kind of a separate model that stands alone because it’s the only model with the new SWORD chip.

I feel obliged to repeat that these new Phonak Audéo B90’s are the same as the old Phonak Audéo V90’s (except for slight cosmetic changes and that SoundRecover2 software change replaces SoundRecover).


Inside of ITE

Extremely Sensitive Ear Canal

Left Oticon Opn miniRITE <–> Right Oticon Chili BTE


Pictures shows Phonak Naida QUEST UP with Roger 10 receiver on the left and Phonak Naida QUEST SP with Roger 11 receiver on the right.





Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids

Marvel and Sky rechargeable


Marvel - Audeo B-R - Sky B-PR



New receiver on Marvel (up - left side) then Phonak S and P receiver-

Down is Agil M - Minifit 85 (Oticon) and Resound.


Could you send a couple of the Marvels so I can get a closer look? Thanks!


Nice pictures!!!


Resounds rechargeable



Agil - Marvell 312 - Marvel Rechargeable - Resounds rechargeable.


Just discovered this thread. This is awesome! Thanks so much for doing this. How about some photos of accessories? Bluetooth streamers, Roger Pens, remote controls, etc.

I’ll be bookmarking this thread.


Here :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment, appriciate it.