Hearing Aid - not Siemens - Rugged enough for work


I’ve been wearing a hearing aid for the past 10 years. I started out with a small one completely in the ear and now have a BTE. It’s a Siemens Triano. All of my hearing aids have been Siemens at this point.

I’d really like to get one that I can program myself or make adjustments. I’ve read that there are some you can purchase that have software that comes with them. I’m not sure if this is required, but every time I go for an adjustment (after the initial few adjustments) it’s $50.

I’ve had extremely disappointing results with Siemens and will not purchase another product from them. In fact, I haven’t worn my current hearing aid for several months and do miss having one. The battery door broke, the top portion of the aid itself where the clear plastic tube connects is broken and loose. Each hearing aid I’ve had has experienced its own problems and eventually broke. This one is far out of warranty and even the sound quality is really bad. As far as warranty service goes, it hasn’t been stellar, believe me. And these units are expensive (I have no plan for coverage). I think the one that was completely in the ear had much better sound. The BTE gives volume, but poor quality sound.

I’m a firefighter and I admit that it sometimes gets rough treatment when I put my gear on and has once or twice got knocked out of my ear. But, it should be a bit more rugged than it is.

Basically, all I want is to be able to have some good quality sound, something that will reduce noise levels (such as when I’m beside the engine and it’s revving quite loudly) and will give me some sort of directional feedback. The first tiny one did not have the “volume” ability I need, but I had a better sense of sound direction and IMHO, filtered out the background noise much better. The Triano simply makes everything loud until the point I just remove it. Loud noise is a problem, and I realize the limitations that there is in amplifying sound. But, if my tiny one could do it quite satisfactorily, you would think that a BTE could also do it?

I do miss having a hearing aid and I know that one sitting in a drawer is no good. I have no problem wearing one for 10 or 12 hours a day, I just expect it to work. The Triano never has. As you can tell, I want to try another brand. I’m a very dissatisfied (former) Siemens customer.

Also, my current audiologist only sells Siemens, so I either have to go to another one or find something that I can buy online.

Any thoughts, suggestions? Thank you!

Have you considered the Phonak Naida line? They are built with maximum water resistance. The have a user replaceable wind and weather protector that really helps keep them functioning. Given your profession, I suspect that you would have to replace them frequently, but they are inexpensive and cheaper than a repair. I would find another clinic that doesn’t charge so much for follow-ups.

The naidas are a very complicated hearing aid. I can’t imagine programing it myself, but who knows. It is for people with a profound hearing loss. It’s one advantage is that it’s suppose to be water resistant. Some people here buy their hearing aids from America Hears. With their aids you can do the programing yourself. Hearing aids are pretty sensitive devices. I would think that them getting knocked out of your ears and landing on the floor would eventually do damage to almost any aid. Plus all that water that you are probably dumping on then. Considering what your aids have gone through in the past you might consider getting an extended warrantee.

I will check into the Phonak and America Hears website! Thank you.

The hearing aid has actually never gotten wet - we’re pretty well protected with multiple layers around the face. But it has sometimes gotten tugged out when taking everything off my face.

Thanks for the info - I’ll start digging into this!

Marvin I posted a reply on your other post regarding this.