Hearing Aid ... not Loss ...Simulator

Still a couple months away from my injury settling to a point to shop hearing aids.
Audiologist has said I can try and switch etc. That is fine but it seems like there should be online simulator that would at least somewhat give an indication of what a specific hearing aid would do.
I have searched online and it comes up with several hearing LOSS simulators so my friends can experience what I hear. That might be a fun party game but I have not found a site that would give a sound sample and then modify it as a hearing aid would and play that for me.
It seems it would be very valuable to try all the adjustments now available.
Make sense?

I’m not aware of anything that does what you want.

But as an aside, there was a very small study done not too long ago that found hearing benefits to amplifying sooner after a sudden hearing loss, rather than waiting. Unfortunately, my quick search didn’t find it. I’ll keep looking.