Hearing aid marketing hype - a little satire

QuantaHear proudly announces the QHWave, a revolutionary new generation of hearing aid technology. Incorporating key advances from quantum computing and Freudian psychology, the QHWave has no need of amplifying quiet speech – or any speech at all, since its patented algorithms actually predict what your interlocutor is most likely to say! Suppose, for example, your spouse says, “It’s Wednesday.” Your aids say, clearly and forcefully, “Take out the trash!” See your audiologist today!


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Well done! Very funny.

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Probably an old one:

Dan got a pair of new, state-of-the-art hearing aids to try out.

Weeks later he went back to the audi who asked, “How did you like the hearing aids?”

Dan responded, “Great, for the first time in decades I can understand almost every word everybody says.”

The audi says, “I bet your family is pleased about that.”

To which Dan replied, “I haven’t told them yet, but I changed my will three times.”


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