Hearing Aid Leasing Solves Technology, Cost Challenges

Thoughts on hearing aid leasing? Has anyone here tried it?

I can see it now…burly dude shows up at your door and yanks the aids out of your ears for lack of payment.
Wouldn’t this really be just the same idea as getting a loan to buy them?

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When I first started getting hearing aids from the Veterans Administration, I was told that when I got my second pair of aids from them they would become my backup aids, and then the next pair of aids I got I would return the first pair. Well that never happened, the VA stopped asking for the old aids back. I have always looked at it as my aids where leased to me and took care of them that way, feeling I would have to return them in as good a shape as possible.

leasing will always provide more value to the bussiness leasing the item in question than it will to the person or end user and may result in a lesser technolgy enabled device and restricted or minimal maintenance as well. jm2cw

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Probably a better way would be to brick the hearing aids if they are out beyond the lease period… I know Unitron has trial technology that disables the aids after a certain period.

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I hate subscriptions. I want to own my software and I darn sure demand to own my hardware. If I am not given the option, I don’t do it. It’s far too rare in this day and age. It’s disgusting.


Nura can do the same thing with their Nuraphones.

No, but it was suggested as a possibility by my Aud back in the fall. I had the idea I could trade-up if the initial choice were wrong; or default if the payments were more than I could carry.

Looking at it now, I see they can’t do much with partly-used aids, and much of the fees would be up-front so it would be imprudent to early-terminate the lease.

It has an attraction this year: prime interest rates are super-low, so collecting even a small-% lease income is better for the capitalist than leaving money in savings. (Would be far better than stocks this week!)

A leased or purchased aid will never increase in value as far as stocks go this week may be one of the best times in recent years to buy stocks the recent stock drops will recover the current conditions causing the stock market chaos will pass now is the time to buy not sell.
As a Persia King once said “This too will pass away” On the other hand a hearing aid will never increase in value that’s not why we buy them. m2cw

Too many factors to say yes or no. Dozens of questions will arise, maybe hundreds. Some of the replies to be polite Are Off The Wall. Lots of Specifics are needed before a solid discussion can be had.