Hearing aid is causing ear to sweat!

Just quickly.

Does anyone else have this problem? I am new to hearing aids (2 weeks) and I was hoping it was just my body getting used to it in there.
It makes it very uncomfortable to wear and a little ineffective since the aid slips out.

I am using an Oticon Spirit Zest Plus if this has any bearing.



Hey Jimbo,

Your dispenser is going to be the best one to answer this one since they are familiar with your ear anatomy and the style of aid you are wearing, but there are ways to address this problem. If you are wearing a custom product, you may consider increasing the diameter of the vent in the earmold, or potentially switching to an open-fit style if necessary.

Good luck

Keith, let me add that you’ll be very wise to keep your aids overnight in a dehumidifier, such as the inexpensive Hal-Hen jars. The oils, proteins, and moisture in sweat can play havoc with electronic circuits and may cause repair issues. Personally, if I’m sweating profusely (say, I’m taking a walk outside on a hot humid day) and I’m alone and don’t need to converse with anyone, I remove my aids rather than risk ruining them.

–Bryan (pfaff9)