Hearing aid interference

Question for the group regarding interference and hearing aids. I’m a long time hearing aid user and I’m currently wearing Resound Linx3D 9 RIC hearing aids. I was standing outside yesterday and I suddenly started hearing a bunch of crackling in one of my hearing aids. It wasn’t continuous, more like it would crackle for 2-3 seconds, stop and then start again. I turned the hearing aids off/on multiple times and eventually it went away and hasn’t returned. My first thought was that the RIC was going bad but given everything is ok today, I’m thinking it may have been some kind of electrical interference. I wasn’t connected to my iPhone at the time so it definitely wasn’t Bluetooth interference between the phone and the hearing aids. I have noticed over the years that certain devices do cause interference/crackling sounds with hearing aids. A few examples include:

  • The anti-theft sensors in the doorways of clothing stores that are designed to detect the security tags on clothing and other items. Walking past store entrances with these sensors sometimes causes weird noises in hearing aids.
  • Ultrasonic measuring tapes that are used to measure room dimensions also cause funny crackling noises in hearing aids.

I wondering if there was a nearby thunderstorm and maybe the lightening was causing inference. My other thoughts was that they are rolling out and testing 5G mobile network services in Toronto and I’m hoping this new technology isn’t causing interference.



Almost sounds like a T-Coil in your aids is activating.
Do you have T-Coils?
Your aids T-Coil has a program that can be programmed like other programs, if they do have telicoils.

No telecoils in these hearing aids.

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Loose wire? Did you get the aids wet recently.

I picked up some static and what sounded like a radio a while back.

It happened in my kitchen. I left the kitchen and it stopped, I entered the kitchen again and it started again.

About a minute later, it stopped all together.

I have the Resound Preza 8’swhich may be the same as yours. I have had them for only 5 days so still getting used to them. The Roger part works excellently.

I am hearing sounds like I have never heard before like the AC, laughing in the hallway. This morning birds were arguing outside. But sometimes I have noticed in this Rogering that sometimes it comes through one ear and then the next time the other ear and then next time both so they are probably just being broken in. What do I know? Not much.

I have been able to turn my TV volume way down. All stations are not the same so I don’t know if the aid will adjust to that down the road.

Sorry I can’t be of much help now.

Were you standing near an automobile? I have found I can tune a car using the sound of the spark plugs firing>

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been there with that crap, getting the volume switch back fixed it

Not to long after getting my first hearing aids, that would have been about 15 years ago. I was getting interference in my aids while driving and being the troubleshooter I am I finally figured out it was the radar of the state highway patrol. So I learned that if I got the interference then I needed to slow down.

I think my issue is moisture. The distortion and crackling seems to come and go. I took a shower last night before going to bed and left the hearing aids (like a normally do) on the bathroom counter. When I put the hearing aids back on after the shower, the static and crackling immediately returned but it slowly went away after about 15-20 minutes. When I woke up this morning, I put on my hearing aids and there was no distortion. I showered a few hours later and once again left my hearing aids on the bathroom counter. The static and distortion was back again after turning the hearing aids on and slowly went away again after 20 min.

The thing that I find weird is that I’ve had these hearing aids for three years and I’ve never had any kind of moisture issue despite many, many workouts in the gym and bike rides, etc. Going to get in to see my audiologist this week to check them out, etc.


I always place my hearing aids in the dryer, anytime that I am not wearing them.

That’s the worst place to put them as the bathroom has a lot of moisture in the air whiles having a shower!!

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Well I think we’ve covered every possibility on the planet as to what could be causing the problem. Now it’s probably best to take them in and have them looked at.

I just got these same HA about 10 days ago and have the same problem. Sent them back twice because it was very irritating. This time it happens once in awhile for a few seconds, then stops. I have tried everything. I’m about ready to send these back. I’m also finding the app with my Apple Watch and iPhone not easy to use, but then again, still getting used to the new aids.