Hearing Aid insertion depth and sensitivity

I’ve had hearing loss my whole life (50 years). I’m on my third set of aids, Resound Linx (maybe Linx2). Hearing loss is predominantly high frequency, although I’ve lost midrange too over the years.

My current issue is that with my right hearing aid in particular. If I insert it a bit too far, the sensitivity and volume go through the roof. Dropping a pen on a counter becomes incredibly load, or running water or fans. The ancillary sounds are so boosted that I can’t understand conversations. If I pull it out further, this stops.

Is this a common effect? I’ve notice before that if I occlude my ear with a finger, the microphone on the hearing aid suddenly picks up everything. So I fear this is a similar effect. I have tulip domes now and wonder if more open domes would help prevent this problem. Any thoughts?

Kennnji will be along with his crystal ball…

I think this is common for tulip domes. It provides some amount of vent at certain position in the canal and if you push it deeper then the narrowing of your canal closes up the venting of your tulip dome, preventing the sound to leak out and you end up hearing more volume. Plugging your ear up with a finger basically does the same thing as closing up any venting that your tulip dome creates in the normal position.

Open dome would prevent this effect, but you don’t post your audiogram so it’s hard to say if open dome is the right fit for you or not. Not sure why it’s a “problem”, however? Just don’t insert your tulip dome too far in.

Another option is to use a closed dome (like a bass dome) with one or two tiny vents in it. That way the venting would be more consistent and not be too dependent on the right depth of insertion like the tulip dome is.