Hearing aid / Hearable convergence is underway

IQbuds Boost, the first of Nuheara’s new intelligent hearable products, increase the potential to help people with minimal to moderate hearing loss. Nuheara incorporated an international hearing calibration standard in IQbuds Boost. Previously used solely by audiologists to calibrate expensive prescription hearing aids, the NAL-NL2 protocol is now part of Nuheara’s proprietary Ear ID process.

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Link: Bragi and Mimi Announce Innovative Hearing Amplification Project

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I hope they can make a dent in the traditional model espoused by traditional hearing aid companies, but I’m not holding my breath. (cf. Doppler Labs).

The Bragi and Mimi article has a bit of incorrect information, minor in the whole scheme of things, but incorrect nonetheless:

Regarded as one of the best hearing checking apps (currently available on iOS and Android), the Mimi Hearing Test […]

Mimi is not yet released on Android. So, no, it is not currently available on Android.

You are right, Mimi is in beta on Android. But I did say available, not released :wink:

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Right. I’ll go eat my hat now. :grimacing:

In my world, “Unreleased” means “unavailable to the public”, and when I loaded the page the “Install” button could not be interacted with, but reloading the page now, I see I just did not give it time to do whatever check it does and update the button.

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4 hour battery life isn’t exactly exceptional.

With most of them you are talking full power Bluetooth. I think that is why.

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We should see new products based on the QCC5100 around the middle of this year.

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