Hearing Aid Goes Off While Streaming Phone Conversation

I just bought a pair of their newest Resound HA’s from Costco. When I’m having a phone conversation and the HA’s are streaming the phone to my HA’s, the right HA shuts off after 20 minutes or so. I used to be able to turn it off for a few seconds and then turn it back on and it would work. Lately, that doesn’t help.

I asked the tech at Costco about it and they had never heard of that happening before. I don’t know that it’s a battery issue as it’s always the right one and the batteries are usually fresh.


Make sure your phone is clear…

that is that you don’t have 20 different apps/pages running in the background.

Also, if you have a smartwatch, it’s possible that could be a connectivity distraction. When I was streaming my Quattro’s using a PC+ and having my smartwatch fully connected to my phone, that seemed to sometimes make BT connectivity between phones and hearing aids cut out, especially because in Settings both watch and HA’s were set to get phone call connectivity. I get a purer phone/HA connection if I run my smartwatch in Airplane Mode when I am streaming (I haven’t tried just turning on Do Not Disturb on the watch to prevent the phone from wasting time and BT connectivity sending notifications to the watch that I’m probably going to ignore anyway while streaming).

I have a similar issue with my iPhone and Widex aids. After streaming anything, calls, music, driving directions, for more than 15-20 mins, my aid reboots. It does reconnect just fine, but there is obviously something in the connection that can’t handle long duration streams.