Hearing aid for playing classical guitar

I posted this in the wrong forum. I’m new here; I’m sure this has been discussed before. I play classical guitar and have heard that there are music programs for people who play instruments. Phonak was mentioned. These allow a less compressed,wider spectrum of sound to be processed by the hearing aid. I’d be grateful for any information/reviews that people might have. thanks!

edit:I only wear one hearing aid. I wear an ancient Oticon that has served me well. I’m not interested in blue tooth or smart phone apps or much of anything other than a music program and a speech program.

edit 2: since I’m playing in my quiet room, perhaps an analog aid would be better? I have classic ‘ski slope’ hearing loss in my right ear:loss in the upper frequencies. I thought that my tal aid ‘matched’ this loss by boosting those frequencies more than others, hence was better than an analog. But it compresses! Now I wonder if an analog would be better–but which one? I’m in the States. You can tell by my accent.