Hearing aid for classical singer

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I am a classically trained, semi-professional singer recently diagnosed with severe hearing loss in left ear only. (High frequency is the worst.) I have been trialing a Siemens Pure 700 bte and am not happy with it. (Tinny-sounding, can’t bear to wear it during choral rehearsals, seems to cycle in and out and must adjust the volume so low that it just sounds occlude–and I am getting headaches all the time!)
Any suggestions for the best hearing aid for classical musicians?
Phonak Exelia, Yes or Savia look interesting.
Thanks for any help you can provide!

I sing in my church choir and in a male gospel quartet. I also suffer from high end hearing loss. I wear Sonic Ions from Sonic Innovations and am very happy with how they perform. The Ions are the lowest level aid of the series. There is also the Sonic Ion 200 and Sonic Ion 400. I paid $3500.00 for the pair. That includes 2 years of adjustments and maintenance. Also replacement ear tubes and domes as needed and loss, theft, or damage are covered for the 2 years.
Link: http://newcorpsite.sonici.com/index.php/consumer/products/ion

there is a person in Ontario who fits Hearing aids, for musicians.
I believe he had wrote quite a few articles in the hearing review
on how to fit HI for the performing instrument.

You see, normally the HI are optimize for speech understanding…