Hearing aid electric dryers with UV

I was thinking about getting an electric dryer for my HAs. Has anyone had any experience with the ReNew HearingAid Dryer & Freshener or compared it to the Dry and Store Models that have UV lights? Thanks.

Dry & Store uses 254 nm UV wave length and ReNew uses 385 nm UV. 254 nm has most germicidal effectiveness.

I’ve never been sure that UV is worth it. I’ve got a Zephyr (Dry and Store - without UV). It works just fine. But I have BTE’s, so might not be as big a deal as CIC’s, etc.

I agree in that for me the UV light is not necessary. I clean my ear molds each night before putting them in the dryer and have concerns about the long term UV effects on plastic. I am not sure but I don’t think the ReNew unit contains a desiccant. (I could be wrong) If not, I can’t see it being nearly as effective as the Dry & Store. I too use the Zephyr and it is excellent. I also use Audioloigist Choice brand earmold cleaner. It cleans and disenfects, IMO, much better than a UV light.

I do think that the uv light shortens the life of the ear mold tubing but it’s not a big deal.

I think UV is a bad idea.

Many old fashioned custom hearing aid mold making techniques still use UV in the process, so logically bombarding them with a bunch more UV can’t be good.

Also many materials used in the construction of hearing aids can harden and discolor from UV exposure. These items would include ear molds and tubing.

If you want to ensure your aids are clean, invest in some wipes to clean them with. UV will shorten the life of your investment.