Hearing aid dryers

What is your experience with hearing aid dryers and how will do different brands work?


I just purchased the Dry and Store Global II dryer last week. So far so good. It is very quiet and at night doesn’t disturb my wife who has excellent hearing. I liked the fact that it has a UV light and sterilizes the aids, as I work in a hospital and am worried about picking up an infection. Other than the UV light which is why I bought that model, I am not sure it is much better than using a jar with desiccant pellets in it but it definitely slightly warms and drys them. I really can’t say I have noticed much of a difference in battery life or hearing, although there are claims it increases battery life. It runs for about 8 hours and the desiccant requires changing every few months.

I also have the Dry and Store Global II and love it. I have a jar with pellets for when I travel.