Hearing aid dryers

What is your experience with hearing aid dryers?

I bought a Siemens Pure 300 for my left ear from my audiologist. It was returned for repair twice in 18 months. Recently I took it in again and had to see another audiologist who told me that the speaker which is routinely pushed into my custom earmold was damaged due to moisture. Even though I had been putting the aid in the Store and Dry hearing aid dryer, it could not remove the moisture from around the little speaker assembly that was inserted into the earmold. I am thinking now that all of my problems with the Siemens Pure 300 may have been due to moisture. It is hot where i live and I sweat a lot. This little dryer plugs into the wall and has an ultraviolet light which stays on for a couple of minutes to kill bacteria on the ear molds. It also has circulated, warmed air with a dessicant brick that has to be replaced every two months. This circulated air and dessicant brick are supposed to pull moisture out of the hearing aids.

I am replacing the moisture damaged hearing aid for my left ear. I was told I needed to purchase another hearing aid for my right ear, even though the hearing in it is not as bad as the left. The new aids I am buying will not have the actual speaker component in the ear. And this time I am not going to use a custom ear mold. But I will still put my hearing aids in the dryer every night and turn it on. I will also purchase waterproof covers for my new phonak solana’s that are supposed to keep moisture out. I understand they can be purchased on-line from a site called eargear. I am hoping that this will solve the problem for me. Hearing aids cost too much money to have to buy new ones every one or two years. I am hoping these moisture control measures will help me keep my new aids for a long, long time.

A great deal of the moisture that affects hearing aids come from you, the wearer, and not the environment. Dry and store seems to get a lot of very positive reviews on this forum.

I’m using the Audio-Dry that was included in my purchase at Costco. It is an open top “warmer” that makes the wax brittle and able to be brushed off every morning and supposedly dries any moisture that gets inside the aid. I’m not sure how well it works because every so often I get some wax around the receiver that is not brittle enough to brush off easily.

The Rexton/Siemens charger/dryer is a closed device that worked better, IMO.

Here is a picture of the Audio-dry