Hearing Aid Dryers?

Can anyone give me advice or suggestions about hearing aid dryers? I have tried the small jars or cans, but I sweat a great deal and it is very humid on the coast of Florida, so I have constant trouble, and these are not very good. I don’t mind paying more money, but is there a reliable manufacturer? Many thanks, OldBill35

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Many people use the Dry & Store. I too live in a humid area and sweat. No problems with the aids. I have the professional model and use it nightly.

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this is the best…

Re: dry&store - ditto. Great product

Yes, the Dry and Store are great products. I especially like the Global II, which is the new model released about 1 month ago.

It not only dries them and removes odors, but the UV lamp kills harmful bacteria.

If you are in the market for one, we would appreciate your support by buying them at www.localbattery.com. The link is found here:

Many thanks to you all. This should do the trick. OldBill35

I bought mine on ebay for $20. Great buy.

you can find them there if you watch…

This dryer was given to me when I purchased my Bernafon Verite. I have been looking in this forum for discussions about dryer types and haven’t heard anyone mentions this one. http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Dry-Hearing-Aid-Dryer/dp/B000NWRM10 (sorry it is an amazon site but it had the best description and picture of the dryer)

Does anyone have any experience/opinions on this one? I live in Nebraska, so we do have quite a bit of humidity in the spring/summer/fall months.

One just like that was included with the Costco Kirkland Signature aids I tried a while back. It seemed to work fine, but I like the germicidal effect with my Dry and Store (Professional or Global).

Is there a reason to be concerned about the long-term effects exposure to UV in the Dry & Store Global II might have on all the plastic in HAs these days? I like the idea of the germicidal effects of UV, but I’d rather not shorten the life of my HAs or any of their plastic components by exposing them to UV if that is a possibility.

Just got a Dry&Store Zephyr in yesterday after owning HA’s for 4 years. I think it really dries up the ear wax(of course I’ve only had it for one day). Prior I never cleaned my HA’s much and it felt waxy and a bit ear smelly. Well the Zephyr took care of it and I’ll use daily now