Hearing Aid Costs to Drop?


My lawyer here (U.S. ) informed me that hearing aid costs will drop tremendously in about 3 to 4 months when new laws go into effect mandating pricing changes. Has anyone heard anything about this? He said that $3000 aids will drop to about $1300… Has advised me to wait.



I have not heard that but you can get good aids for $1599 per PAIR now at Costco. The Kirkland Signature 8 is basically a year old Rexton aid. That is better than your $1300 per aid.


I’m guessing he’s talking about the OTC hearing aid law. I would be pretty amazed if routine prices from independent audis (or anyplace else besides Costco) were to drop that much in 3-4 months.


Those are not hearing aids.
The government is just allowing more lower end hearing assistance devices to use the term hearing aid, diluting the meaning of real hearing aids.


Prices should come down some. (It’s past time!!)


My new Kirkland Signature 8 aids I pick up next week are $200 less for the pair ($1599 vs $1799) that the Kirkland Signature 6 aids I got 2.5 years ago. The KS 8s are much more capable too.