Hearing Aid costs mounting up

I have almost total hearing loss in my right ear, about 50% loss in left ear. My Audi originally quoted me A$2,600 total (Australian Dollars, which are currently almost at par with US$) for a Phonac Unison 3 for my left ear and a transmitter for the right ear so I can hear whats happening on that side (important for me as I do ballroom dance and the lady is always on the right).

I asked him if I could also get a transmitter that can attach to the TV so I dont have to turn it up so much, expecting it might add another couple of hundred dollars. His reply was that he would have to add:

1 x ML8Sreciever
1 x Smartlink

He says this will take the total cost to A$4,600. This sounds excessive to me. Can anyone advise whether this seems a realistic price, or is he ripping me off?

If it is realistic price, why does a simple link to the TV cost so much? Is there a cheaper way to do it?

Hoping someone can help,
Graham Daniell

Sorry - his original quote was for a Unitron HA on the left and a xmitter for the right ear, total cost $2,600.

Graham Daniell

Here is a good website for price checking on smartlinks and recievers. http://store.yourhearing.net/fm-systems.html I think you could go with a cheaper zoomlink or easylink if you don’t plan to use the smartlink for “bluetoothing” with your cell phone. I use my smartlink for connecting to the TV but the cost is over kill.

You may be able to find a bluetooth solution much cheaper if you are able to use Telecoil with your hearing aids. I know Artone manufactures a TVB unit and neckloop. Try www.artonecs.com or localbattery.com. I don’t know how well the TVB unit works but the neckloop has worked well for me. There are other types of hearing aids (phonak Exelia or Naida) when combined with iCom and a blue tooth transmitter that allows you to hear in stereo. It is a pricey option but maybe worth looking into. I’m gettting an iCom for trial with my trial Naida’s tomorrow.

You can also direct connect to your TV using stereo ear hooks or a neckloop. I’ve purchased earhooks from www.tecear.com. You have to also use your Telecoil for this. This works well except you are connected with a wire. This can be done at a very reasonable cost compared to smartlink.

I’m sure others have more solutions as well.

Another option to look into is Sennheiser’s TV neckloop system, which would be a few hundred dollars as you were expecting. A loop system for your TV which would run off the telecoil is also in the hundred dollar range.

R u talking about the 820S or something like that?
it uses an FM like signal