Hearing aid comfort

Has anyone compared different styles of hearing aids for comfort and sound? I have been wearing BTEs for 2 years and wonder if they are a good choice for comfort. Have tried 3 molds (now acrylic skeleton) and find that they can hurt the ears after a few hours. Others can feel plugged. Am thinking of going back to full shell ITEs for both comfort and sound closer to the ear. Anyone tried both and have a preference?

i think bte have more options plus are more confortable.
Maybe the tube needs to be corrected.


I have been told before by audiologists that BTEs are more comfortable. I tried new skeleton acrylic molds which hurt my ears. Maybe the Phonak Micropower would be a solution (but I can’t afford them at the moment). How does one make BTEs more comfortable? It is not the tubes…it’s the molds.

I’ve worn both ITE and BTE aids in the last 5 years, and found that the BTE aids were more comfortable with the mold in the ear, but after a while felt uncomfortable on the outside of the ear. With ITE aids, I’d usually take them out at lunch time while at my desk, and clean them, and give my ears a rest. I could comfortably wear the BTEs without that lunchtime rest.

Now I have a pair of GN Resound Pulse’s (312 battery size) with thin tubes and tulip domes, and wear them all day with no discomfort. I can go 16 hours with no issues, and mostly forget I’m wearing them.

have you try the azure?


My mold pain issue was taken care of when I changed to “flex canal” molds. These molds are made such that the outer portion is made of acrylic the canal mold part is made of a soft silicone rubber. I’d guess around 30 durometer Shure A hardness. The two materials don’t come apart. Read my thread on my new molds that stop occlusion.

I have severe hearing loss and am not a candidate for the open fits (tulip domes?) which I know are more comfortable. What type of BTE molds were you using that you could leave them in all day? I will also ask about the flex canal molds though I think the problem is more with the tightness around the outer edge of the mold in the ear than the part in the canal. Maybe I need to give them some time. Thanks for the tips from everyone.

My molds are the acrylic skeleton molds, and they fit extremely well.