Hearing aid color for men

I’ve seen a couple of threads talking about changing the color or paint the hearing aid:

Because I’m about to buy my first pair of hearing aids I am exploring the possibility of Lime Green or Sporty Red. I believe it can be seen here:


My wife already call this two colors weird. I am in my late 40s but I think beige, silver or grey already are boring, for one, and for two, I want everyone I’m talking to, or at least is close to me know I use hearing aids.

So here two question:

  1. What of these two color you see for men: Lime Green and Sporty Red
  2. What is you experience about colors on hearing aid, let say on kids or young the color are cool, but adult, what you think?

Check out sweatbands… great way to change colors.

I vote for lime green because it is the more excellent!

And, I always end up with boring ones. Although I’m happy that I waited for the Costco KS7s, the KS6s came in transparent purple which is what I was going to get. But in the KS7s the best colour is black so that’s what I ordered. You’re lucky you get these great choices!

I also agree with you about letting people know you use hearing aids. I’ve just never had the slightest issue with this.

I went with Forest Camo. :smiley:


Isn’t red fast and sporty? Like the racing car?

Doc Jake, thanks for the link, I did not know about sweatbands, I’m going to save this link, I know I might use it at some point. However, instead to have this as a permanent color change I see it as occasion use. I wonder for example, do this sweatbands help at the GYM if I decide to use my hearing aids at the GYM.

corona, if this KS7s is the same Kirkland Signature 7.0 at costco, I just check the colors and let me say it, you are right, taking out the black, all them are death boring.

Doing my job I meet lot of peoples every day, I showed the two photo; green lime and sporty red, and asked this two guy who use hearing aids, one on his late 50, and the other on his late 60, the later one is a Veteran. Both of them said I probably pick the green one.

TexasBod, I checked out the Forest Camo at the link, it was not making any sense to me until I saw you name. The environment create a fair enough color, I agree with you, and I think they should go ahead and put the Forest Camo color all over the hearing aid. Thanks for the link It will help to me for argument to my wife and her colors weird comment. Simple, I am not alone.


Isn’t red fast and sporty? Like the racing car?

Yes, it is fast, sporty and racing car, but also

Red. ¨ Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. ¨ Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.

Original source: https://resources.oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/rreagan/Filemanager_Public_Files/meaningofcolors.htm

And here this one

Green. Is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. The color green is a relaxing color that is pleasing to the eye and is said to have healing powers.

Original source: http://www.color-meanings.com/green-color-meaning-the-color-green/

Absolute I like Sporty Red, but I do have a inclination to green long ago, On this first hearing aids I will go for Lime Green, however, the next I think will be all about red.

Since you asked:

  1. It’s a medical device, a barely visible one at that, not a fashion statement.
  2. Color is not even in the top 1000 concerns I have about a hearing aid.

And since you stated your age as relevant, I am well over 40 and have been wearing aids since kindergarten.


  1. It’s a medical device, a barely visible one at that, not a fashion statement.
  2. Color is not even in the top 1000 concerns I have about a hearing aid.

And since you stated your age as relevant, I am well over 40 and have been wearing aids since kindergarten.

I reduced the list of the most primordial articles until I get to the point of knowing which is the most appropriate for my deafness. For example, this year 6 audiograms, a tympanoplasty surgery, and countless visits to the specialist.

I also strive to raise the necessary money to buy a brand that is a little above the average level.

You can see my numbers, my two ears are more deaf than your bad. Let me tell you how I see it, since I have reduced that list, why not have a little fun, sweeten and cheerfully celebrate my deafness.

Some folks are wrapped way too tight on this forum…why would anyone care what color he picks much less feel obligated to spank him? Usually I have the optic green sweatbands on but sometimes I go with the bright orange.

You’ve got it!

I started to respond to your post last night but then got called away. IMHO, I think you should go for either of those colors. You are the one wearing the HAs, and yes, you may as well have a little bit of fun with them. There have to be some perks to losing ones hearing!


You asked, I answered. In the scheme of things, the color of the aid is meaningless. If wearing a neon HA in your ear makes you happy, by all means you should.

It can be a fashion statement if he wants it to be. Having a positive attitude to HAs is something we should all encourage. He didn’t say the acoustics were not important. Personally I wanted purple but mine didn’t come in that colour. Colour can also make them easier to find and less likely to be misplaced. He didn’t say it had to be an important factor for everyone.

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sorry but I am with Jeff on this one and I have a positive attitude about them.

Spend more time on making the things work better and stop wasting and money time on color (or colour).

They are not a fashion statement they make me hear better.

I dont remember him saying they werent working and whatever factory color you pick the cost is the same. I went the sweatband route because I would never wear aids without them after so many pair of gray and titty pink went over to the neon colors. Ill you guys wear boring ties and never polish your shoes.

The price of making different colours is negligible compared to the price of hearing aids. And having a different colour does not prevent the HA from working. If you don’t care what colour you have then that is fine for you. Just don’t tell everyone else they should all wear the same boring colour. The forum is divided into threads so you can comment on the ones you think are important and ignore the ones where you think they are trivial or uninteresting or where you don’t have advice to offer. No one on this thread has suggested that hearing is unimportant but people are entitled to discuss colour if that is important to them.

Doc Jake,

Usually I have the optic green sweatbands on but sometimes I go with the bright orange.

I am beginning to appreciate this sweatbands beyond using this as color style only.

In the indication on the hearing aids I’m picking up it said:

“… Do not wear your hearing aids when applying perfume, spray, gels, lotion or cream…”
“… Do not expose your hearing aids to extreme temperatures or high humidity, and dry them quickly if they get wet, or if you
perspire heavily…”.

And see this sweatbands The Water Test.

True; perspiration, moisture, wind or dust could happen at any time after my daily routine.