% Hearing Aid Charge as a Smart 3D App Notification for Rechargeable ReSound Quattro's-a BONUS!

I recently had an e-mail exchange with the ReSound Smart 3D app support folks. As food for thought, here’s what I wrote and ReSound app support replied.

My initial suggestion: For rechargeable Quatro’s why not have a % charge notification for the Android pull-down notification area? Ideally, the notification could be triggered by a user set threshold, e.g., battery level drops to less than 30%. How about giving Quattro rechargeable users a bonus in the Smart 3D app rather than making them open it or keep it open.

ReSound App Support Reply: Thankyou for getting in contact and for your suggestion re battery levels- which I will pass on to the product team.

I’m not sure I understand your comments about a bonus? Or making them keep it open? Could you please explain a little more?

My Follow-Up Reply on Bonus for Rechargeable Quattro HA Users: What I meant about “bonus” is that one can read battery level for the rechargeable Quattro’s but not the disposable battery-powered Quattro’s because of the difference in voltage discharge curves between the two types of batteries (zinc-air voltage is ~flat and drops little until the battery is almost exhausted whereas Li-ion drops gradually and can be used to calibrate % charged).

The problem is that rechargeable Quattro users don’t easily get to cash in on this advantage of rechargeables. You have to have the Smart 3D app open and need to go to the Status tab in the app to read how you’re doing on charge. Although charge is being monitored, you get no warning beeps on any thresholds until you’re about to run out, same as for disposable battery powered Quattro’s.

Although it might be invidious for the disposable battery-powered Quattro owners, for the rechargeable Quattro’s, you could offer the ability to set a warning threshold on charge in the Smart 3D app (high or low thresholds) and send various notifications on battery charge status to the notification screen. That would REWARD Quattro rechargeable users by letting them take advantage of information available through the app without having to waste time going to the app and opening it. I’m speaking as an Android user, not an iOS user, and maybe iOS is more limited than Android in stuff notifications can tell you. For Android, there are various 3rd party battery charge and battery temperature monitoring apps that run all the time in the background, consume very little phone battery, and provide real-time information in the notification area on battery status.

I’m simply suggesting that ReSound incorporate the easy ability to access battery information for rechargeables via notifications into the Android and iOS phone apps (if desired and permitted by the user) rather than having to go into the Smart 3D app itself to find this information. I don’t know if the Quattro’s monitor their own internal temperature (like Android phone batteries can) but when you have a device like the rechargeable Quattro, this might be a good idea. I live in Texas. The summer heat here is currently around 107 deg F (41.7 deg C). That’s beyond the supposed temperature operating range of rechargeable Quattro’s. You might want to build temperature monitoring and notification warnings into rechargeable Quattro’s just so users can protect their expensive investment in rechargeable ReSound devices without inadvertently frying them in tropical or subtropical heat.

Thanks for considering my suggestions.

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I’m pretty sure you lost him at “invidious”.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I got a reply back from the ReSound App Support. IMHO, would be nice if the Smart 3D app could be customized to whatever the special capabilities are that your HA’s have. Same goes for HA apps from other HA OEM’s. At least it’s nice to get responsive app support from ReSound.

Hey Jim,

Thank you for this update.

I appreciate you taking the time to so skillfully explain your suggestion- it certainly sounds extremely logical and beneficial. It’s a little beyond my competencies, but I passed your words in their entirety to our product team who I am sure will take it on board for future upgrades.

Thanks again,

Temperature sensors I don’t know if you have, but it would be a great idea if they did. You go further: because there are no absorption sensors, like Samsung smartphones, what information can you expect to charge the device to a fully dry USB charging port? Since capture problems are one of the most fearsome things for hearing aids, seriously interesting, coupled with your idea of notifications, have information on the smartphone screen that the devices are using the level recommended above.
These temperature sensors you mentioned were very welcome for regions like mine too, without tropical heat in Brazil :smile:

It tastes good when companies have competent people to respond to consumers, right? It seems obvious, but many companies don’t even respond to these feeedbacks or send robots to answer. Point to Resound!

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ReSound app support has not always been so responsive. OTH, being in app support must be like attempting to drink water from a firehouse full on. So perhaps with the big drop in HA sales as documented in the article Abram Bailey posted yesterday, app support folks are less pressed for time and better able to field queries, even if they’re special feature requests like mine. One of the reasons that I like ReSound is that the Smart 3D app is relatively good and gives you a fair amount of manual control over your HA’s (with OTC HA’s coming along for mild to moderate loss, I hope they put even more of the fitting features within limits into the user app). It will be interesting to see how all the apps from different HA OEM’s evolve in the next few years, particularly with BT LE Audio coming along.

Jim, are you talking about that video clip at the resound website where you can listen to audio and videos for different little problems? Is that what you mean by app support? I found one issue in there about modulation and there was a picture of the page on your app. Do you have that in your Quattro?
I don’t have that in my Preza app.

There is discussion in this forum about fine-tuning. Is that tuning your app your self or is that done on the computer with your Audi.?

I have an appointment tomorrow because I got a lot of feedback in the right ear when first putting them on this a.m. I have found when I select the noise filter it stops the feedback. But then I had problems with volume in the sound enhancer. Perhaps I adjust volume too quickly instead of taking it a notch at a time.

I am a little burned out today. Found out my PC 11 years old is too old to be compatible with Win 10. Then I had to reinstall my WD Xternal hard drive because it wasn’t opening in all the links, when I finally got it open I had a lot of duplication in there. When I feel up to it I will have to do a lot of deletion and make sure I have everything. Yesterday I spent hours looking in files to see what I wanted to delete and there was a lot of old stuff in there.

It was much easier back in the days when you could just sweep your dirt out the back door.

Sorry Jim I did not scroll up to read your first post of 23 days ago on Resound App support. There you had indicated that you wrote an email to them. I had read it many days ago but had forgotten so it was good to see again.

For most folks, “fine-tuning” is done through visits with the HCP. HA’s are typically sold as a package that includes “unlimited” servicing and adjustment under warranty. An advantage of going to a place like Costco is that you get lots of service at a modest price but Costco doesn’t sell HA’s with all possible features (tinnitus management, remote assistance, if I remember correctly, for example). Some HA’s have “remote assistance” whereby you can call up your (hopefully understanding) HCP, possibly requiring a pre-arranged appointment and say, “I’m at my favorite meet-up place and I’m just not hearing too well because of the noise” and your HCP could try making adjustments over the Internet while you are in the actual environment giving you trouble. Or, more simply, you could just make a request, e.g., “Could you crank up all my high frequencies a few dB?!” The HCP, with remote assistance could send that adjustment to you over the Internet at her own convenience, you could see how it worked for you at your convenience, and you could go back and forth that way until you got it right (that would be “asynchronous” fine-tuning). I should imagine for most folks in most situations, especially if one got their HA’s at Costco, an actual visit to your HCP for adjustment would work best but sometimes folks live far away from their HCP and just want a minor little tweak or sometimes it’s impossible to replicate the problematic situation in the HCP’s office. Just like food on the menu, there are scads of possibilities out there and most of us can probably get by just fine without having to resort to some of the more exotic possibilities that I’ve mentioned for fine-tuning but the possibilities are there for folks who find themselves in a situation where it might prove useful.

I opted to get my Quattro’s at a significantly reduced rate through TruHearing.com and in return, my contract only allows 3 follow-up visits after the initial fitting, then I have to pay a la carte but warranty problems such as I’ve had with several left Quattro HA’s, including replacements, have been covered at no charge to me.

By fine-tuning, I meant the same sort of thing you’d do with a radio station in the old analog days when a station’s signal was more or less working but you had to twiddle the dial a bit to get the best reception - except with HA’s, there’s quite a few dials you can twiddle.

Have to offer a bit of a correction. Seem to recall remote assistance has TWO parts, A) and B). In A), you basically consent to be connected to ReSound over the Internet through the Smart 3D app, let ReSound collect anonymous data on usage and HA performance (I think) and in return are allowed and consent to receive firmware updates over the Internet. In part B), you consent to allow your HCP to connect with you over the Internet and administer your HA’s if you so desire. You consent to parts A) and B) separately.

I’ve never shopped for HA’s at Costco but I should imagine for ReSound HA’s bought through Costco that Costco would go for part A) but not part B) of ReSound’s version of remote assistance. Someone who actually owns ReSound HA’s from Costco can correct my possible misstatement here.

I think there is room here for an “advanced” settings mode via the app, which might have to be enabled by the audiologist for some users. This could for example allow the knowledgeable user to make changes via the app that could not affect health and safety, like +/- 3 dB on overall gain and also gain handles settings, feedback system settings and other environmental settings.

But my audiologist tells me that I am her only customer who even mentions dB or kHz, let alone watches her change things and has a view (ie disagreeing) on what she is doing. So perhaps the market for this extra control just isn’t there. It’s not a selling feature. Whereas pale blue aids with red flashes might be.