Hearing Aid Brand - UK Audiologists


I want to know which NHS within England area does provide the GN Resound and maybe Starkey



I think although I’m not 100 percent that the danalogic that the nhs offers is a rebranded version of the resound but other people may know more about this

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Yes the GN Resound on NHS are not the best.

They are mostly known for breaking down.

My hospital used to hand them out but gave up with them in the end as they were always breaking down.

My friend who lives about 3 hours away from me, near my Dad, has had her Resound Ambio Smart Aids replaced 3 x times in a year.

Never hear of Starkey being given out on the NHS.

Thanks for the awareness of breakdown. I think Ambio models are probably low-end technology.

The other GN Resound models such as ENZO, LINX provide more advanced features and better hardware. I don’t think NHS would get the expensive one. (They stick with the low budget).

I just want to know if NHS do have Starkey but I don’t think so. It is only available in private stores.

A lot of people use Resound Enzo with N7 Cochlear but on the NHS the Resound Ambio Smart connects to the N7 Cochlear as well so I really don’t think they would have other Reaound on the NHS apart from the Ambio ones.

Google says very few NHS Trusts have Starkey and they are very out dated.