Hearing Aid Assignment for school

Hi, Everyone! I am a graduate student in speech language pathology and have an assignment to interview individuals with hearing aids. Please email me if you would not mind being interviewed or here is the list of questions if you would like to answer them here. I appreciate everyone’s responses!

  1. How long have you worn your hearing aid?
  2. How long before you got your hearing aids did you suspect a hearing loss?
  3. How long do you wear your hearing aids each day?
  4. Do you feel like you get benefit from your hearing aids?
  5. What complaints do you have about your hearing aids?
  6. Do you feel like your hearing aids have lived up to what your audiologist or hearing aid dealer told you they would?
  7. Did you get your hearing aid from an audiologist or hearing aid dealer?

You can get some data by viewing my posting here.