Hearing aid advice wanted


New here. I am an American living abroad, in the Philippines. I knew I had some hearing loss, but the combination of trying to learn a new language made up mostly of soft sounds and the fact that everything is built of cement and so echoes. Culturally the music is played loud, it is hot we run fans on hi all the time, lots and lots of roosters, dogs, etc…

I also am very active indoors and out. I sweat a lot in this very humid environment. A lot of times you get wet too and there is no where to go and not much you can do about it.

So I went in for a hearing test. They were very thorough in testing and ran air, bone, masked, unmasked, reflex, tympanogram, and speech audiometry.

Then they went right into sales and said for my needs they recommended Unitron’s Unison 3. They did not seem to know a lot about why one model was better than another, etc. Neither did they go into any detail in interpreting the test. But they did give me a copy upon request.

So I am told I have moderate to mild loss. All I know is I guess a lot of words and mistakes happen all the time. The wife and kids are all tired of me saying “what” 4 or 5 times in a row. (As am I.) I think the speech test I scored 76% comprehension. That’s like missing 1/4 of all the words.

I would really like some advice.

Since my problem really is understanding speech in a large variety of environments I was looking for something that does well in speech. Unfortunately this seems to point me to the upper end. I was also looking for something that could handle the heat/humidity and monsoons here. I also wear glasses, different pairs dependent (I have 2 sets of diff bifocals.)

Do the behind the ear interfere with glasses. I see options for glasses adapters. Does the adapter convert it to a glasses hearing aid. Since I wear multiple pairs that seems like it might not be the best choice. I also travel (locally) a bit and I think longer battery life would probably be wise. Stores that handle things are far apart and few. Shipping from the US often takes 45 days or so.

I also sing in choirs and right now cup my hand by my ear to hear myself all the time. I also do this a lot in conversation, of course while driving I can not do that. The cars here rattle a lot and have a lot of wind noise too.

After reviewing online and reading a lot of members suggestions I am leaning towards open fit models. It seems like it would take less getting used to and allow a more natural conversation. The smaller size and the way it blends in cosmetically is appealing too, altho less imp.

I was leaning towards the following choices. Widex : Inteo. I has a remote which seems like it might be handy. It does not seem to have special wind reduction, but does have adaptive directional mikes, data logging?, 15chan, 3,5, or 8 programs???, speech enchancement,… It seems I can probably order it locally and have it shipped in.

Unitron: Indigo (moxi? - glasses??) No remote, has wind reduction, adaptive dir mikes, data logging?, 16 chan, 4set programs + 3progamable, noise reduction, and speech enhancement, it also cost a lot less than the widex inteo and I think I can special order it locally also.

Lastly Rexton: Revo. It has a remote, and it is rechargable or you can use 13a batteries too, 14 chan, data log?, 5 prog, wind reduction, sound smoothing, adapt dir mikes, it also is said to be water resistant and wax resistant. No idea on pricing, but again I think I can special order.

I am willing to consider other brands; hey I can always try. Especially if they are better and cheaper lol. I am on a pension so money really matters. My insurance todate has really worked hard for my needs so I can always try, I hope they are as helpful in this need as well.

I am also an invalid and not expected to live long. But I have outlived all the doctor’s expectations by more than a year and a half and still going strong. God has graciously extended my life and until He calls me home I will live it to the best of my ability. But there is a temptation to 1. do nothing and live with the frustrations, or 2 cheap charlie it. Being so active and trying to make everyday count (especially with family) makes me want to suck it up and get something worthwhile.

So hear / or / here I sit. In the abundance of counselors wisdom is found. Please enlighten me. lol. (If you read and made it this far you must be a man or woman of patience. lol.)



Hi rojen, first only God knows when it will be your time to die; so live each day to the fullest, think positive and keep the faith. I am a breast cancer survivor of seven years and I am triple receptor negative which is not good, however, I try not to dwell on that and I keep my mind occuppied with positive thoughts. That said, try a hearing aid and see if it helps enough for you to want to keep it; I found a specialist that has been working with me for over four months and I can return the aids and get my money back. I have the Rexton Revo and think that you will be pleased with it; I have the behind the ear, open ear and even though I am a lady with short hair, it is not visible unless someone should really be looking. I had to show my son before he believed that I was wearing hearing aids. As for the Revo, I believe that it is a very good product; Rexton is owned by Siemens and the Revo is comparable to the Siemens Centra which is a high end aid. I have the remote control and like being able to have some control over the aid. I did not get charger and use the size 13 battery and they really last a long time. I can add the charger later, if I should change my mind but don’t think that I want it. I have tried several hearing aids in the past with no success and feel that the Revo is the best so far. Whatever you decide, good luck and know that it does take a lot of adjusting to a hearing aid and, for me, a lot of trips for adjustments to the aid. Please keep a positive attitude about your health; you will be in my prayers.

I appreciate your response & encouragement. It blessed me.

The pain (tho much reduced by God’s grace) is my reminder. The weakness too. But it keeps me praying too.

But you are right it is best to take our eyes off our self and focus on things above. God first and other people second.

Being in the Philippines there is no gov’t mandated trial period. If you want to try it, buy it. But there are many wonderful reasons to be here that compensate for this inconvenience. I also think maybe working through my insurance I might be able to get around that. My insurance locally has been the only wonderful experience I have ever had with medical insurance.

Revo and Semiens are the only ones that mention water resistance of those I have read. As hot and humid as it is here that seems important. Plus monsoons and sweat, lol.

I am also talking w/ America Hears. My Dad got them & is so pleased. Being a techy & living way in the boonies, self adjusting or over the internet adjustments has its appeal.

Your response and also my past trial with aids has convinced me that going with quality is the only way to go.

I appreciate prayers. You are in mine too. Praying for each other is a wonderful way to bless someone. Without God’s intervention I would be dead. The Doctor’s said I had days to live and nothing could be done to help. We emailed friends and we all prayed and the Doctor’s measured shrinkage of the tumors on one occassion and a 95% reduction in the number of tumors on a second occasion. Both of these are impossible with this type of cancer. But with God anything is possible. There is no known medical procedure that can prolong life with this cancer. My very life itself testifies to God’s blessed goodness. 98% of the people with my type of cancer only live 3-6 months. I am something past 2 yrs and whenever they check me up, they do not understand why I live. (I do. :slight_smile: )

Bless You,


Right now rexton, seimens, and america hears are at the top of my short list.

PS do you wear glasses? Can the small behind the ear type be worn with regular glasses?

Rojen, yes, I do wear glasses and the BTE open ear is no problem at all with my glasses. I find my Rexton Revo so comfortable that I forget that I have it on. It has taken a few times to adjust it, however, I am very pleased with it. I always thought that I would only consider the cic aid, however, this one in really almost invisible. Don’t get discouraged if it does take time to adjust to it and to get it adjusted; it will be worth it and will make your quality of life so much better. I had no idea how bad my hearing was until I got use to wearing an aid and now when I take them out, I immediately notice the difference in how I hear. You should be able to try the aid in the office before you buy it and you can see how it fills and fits. Get the brand that seems to be best for you; everyone is different in what they like. Continue to keep the positive attitude and faith in God as that will carry you during the bad days. Do what your doctors tell you, however, remember that we both know that God has a plan for each of us and the doctor’s do not know God’s plan. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and wish for you Peace and Love now and always. :slight_smile:

buy a global dry and store
and protect your investment

Dilaudid Rehab Advice

Since wetness is a problem, you might want to purchase a product called a super seal. This is basically a hearing aid condem. You must also buy a Dry n Store - this will help keep your hearing aid dry. You also must keep a positive attitude :slight_smile: The rexton and unitron HA will work for you and they are a better deal than widex.

Inteo can shift frequency - to take a sound and shift it into another frequencies. So if you have cochlear dead zones this would help, but if you do not have dead zones, then it is not worth the high price tag.

You also might want to take a look at the Starkey Destiny which can give you the most amplification with the least risk of feedback.

The key thing to note is to work with a hearing aid professional that you are comfortable with and to work with a product that your professional is comfortable working with.

Remember: the best and most expensive hearing aid in the world is worthless if it isnt programmed properly.

Hope this helps!

the problem with the superseal is that is hard to put on and off

Lovely Wendie