Hearing aid additions


Good morning all,

I’ve joined the forum on behalf of my Wife. She has Phonak Nathos AutoM aids and we recently bought a Roger Pen to see if it would benefit her. There were some situations when it was, however, she thinks its not worth the price we paid as there are some circumstances where it was not effective.

Is anyone aware of other additional devices, namely, connecting the aids to an I phone/TV and also a stand alone mic link?

Many thanks




Hi Dean, Yesterday Phonak UK have tweeted a link to a revamped website for NHS users. This link will take you to their wireless communication portfolio. Hope this helps.



I love my Roger System. It’s great in all different situations even with high levels of noise. Maybe your wife needs some adjustments to the Roger program. I’ve got 2 x Roger programs, 1 x Roger + Mic and 1 x Roger only (no Mic).



What is an adjustment to Roger program? My Audi hooked up my Compilot to the hearing aids so it would just connect Then I bought the Roger receiver, pen, & table mic Is there something to do to make them even better?
Or am I misunderstanding and are you talking about aids that don’t need the Compilot having a setting?

I use the pen for the TV streaming and love it



To get the Roger to work, you need a program. If you are still struggling to hear well with the Roger, say in Noise, you can get the program adjusted, eg NoiseBlock increased.