HeardThat app recruiting beta testers

We covered this app at CES, and I’m very interested in getting feedback about it from people in this forum. If you have the time, and are interested in beta testing the app (which is supposed to help with speech in background noise), please fill in this form: Beta test application — HeardThat

Can you explain a little bit about what it is? Which hearing aids does it work with?

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Yep, and here’s our article: Singular Hearing App Enhances Speech, Reduces Background Noise Using AI

Yep, this sounds like something I thought about a few months ago and wondered why it hadn’t been created yet. I’m signing up for the beta.

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Great let me know how it goes. I’m skeptical, but hopeful!

It would be nice to know more about who I’m dealing with before I just give out my name and email, etc

I got an email from them yesterday and filled out the app. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Dave met the owner at CES. I think they are OK, or I would not have shared this link in our forum. But, of course, feel free to doubt me.

Registered. It is potentially a very good idea.

I’m not so much in need of speech-in-noise help. I am good at breaking beta software :exploding_head: and techie enough to explain how I did it so the developer gets a clue; and know some of the language of speech clarity.

Understand fully. However the web-page and the booth at CES are not likely to be the work of rip-off artists.

I also applied.

It would be nice if an app could replace the expensive Roger mics (Pen, Select). It’s incredible how their mics are more expensive than most smart phones.

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And you know, that’s easy, with limits. Connect the cell mike to the bootooth, done. Android Sound Amplifier would do it, BUT it refuses to work with BlueTooth, “only wired headphones”, mini-plug or USB. Why? Because current BT has significant “latency”, delay from sending to hearing. Using one aid I clearly hear this: a text makes my phone dink in my pocket and then 1/10th second later my ear dinks. That’s like 100 feet of air-delay. Standing 4 feet from a talker, hearing the “mmufm” after 4 feet and the “stshf” after 100 feet of delay could be very confusing. See “Haas Effect”. I used to work with tape delay and it’s a serious mental adjustment. However sometimes you can manipulate the situation so the delayed version is very dominant, and then it would be great.

Problem with that is that many of us have unconsciously been reading lips for years. So we’re still stuck with lip-sync issues. Maybe closing our eyes when we speak to people, taking off our glasses?

I filled out their online form to apply for the beta test about a week ago and have heard nothing from them. Has anyone succeeded in communicating with them?

I registered for the beta for the second time, as I recall, but no response from the developer. “What am I, chopped liver?” :sunglasses:

I registered early on but have not heard anything from them either. I did read that at this stage they are only testing those with Android phones. iPhones will come later.

I filled out the application when I saw this thread, maybe 10-12 days ago. I received an invite last night via email from the developer and was able to try the app out briefly while at work.

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Do tell about your experience with the app.

I applied around 10 days ago and haven’t heard anything since. FYI I’m an android user.

I received an email several days ago from HeardThat and installed the application on my Samsung Galaxy phone. A very brief notice flashes on the screen before it runs, “Aaudio not supported”. Then I am given the chance to “record”. Record what?

I just received an email update from HeardThat -

HeardThat beta update #1

This message is to confirm that we have received your request to participate in the HeardThat beta test program. Thanks!

If you haven’t yet received your invitation to join the program, please be patient. We have a very large number of applicants and are inviting more people all the time.

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