Heard of Noopl?

Has anyone heard of or tried Noopl, the iPhone plug-in accessory to improve hearing speech in noise?

After unveiling its iPhone® hearing enhancement accessory at CES 2021 in January, California-based startup Noopl recently began sending out orders of its Noopl 1.0 device, which intended to help people hear more clearly in background noise.

The device clips onto the bottom of an iPhone and utilizes a three-mic array and beam steering to help focus in on speech more clearly. By using the head tracking technology built into the Airpods Pro, it is designed to detect which direction the user is facing to help better reduce background noise and enhance speech.
From: https://hearinghealthmatters.org/blog/2021/noopl-hearing-review/?utm_source=hearingtracker.com

Company website:

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This is a neat concept. Thanks for sharing.


Yes. Hearing aid companies have a lot of neat concepts too. What it all comes down to is does it work

I take it you didn’t watch the video. Yes, it works. There is also some neat measurement work done here: Apple AirPods Pro® as Hearing Aids — How Effective is Conversation Boost?

Love this guy’s style and communication skills. And he does it without shouting at you. I’m not sure whether you would be better off leaving your mfi aids at home and taking Airpods Pro to the restaurant. Apart from the social awkwardness (that he mentioned) of wearing buds in a social situation.

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My hope is that the hearing aid manufacturers will integrate with this hardware … Phonak already has the accelerometers to make it happen, I think.

No I didn’t download it. Sorry. I hestitate to do stuff like that unless I’m familiar with the source