Hear USA & Hear PO - Input Please!

I have access to two different sources for getting and paying for the hearing aids I hope to be buying in the near future. As a member of AARP I can use Hear USA and I have no experience with this outfit so I thought I’d ask for some feedback from anyone out there who may have used their services.
The other one is connected with my Aetna Health Insurance. It’s called Hear PO and I do have experience with them as I used them when I purchased my last 2 sets of aids and saved quite a bit of money on those purchases. But it’s been a while and I’m looking for some feedback from those who have used that outfit as well.
I’m now finding that it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for trial periods of from 1 to 3 months before purchasing hearing aids (which I had no clue about previously) and I intend to go that route this time around.
As I posted in another thread, I’m also looking for good Audi’s in my area (So. Jersey) so hopefully the feedback I get from any of you will help me in both areas.
Thanks for reading this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I had Aetna insurance last year with HearPO for hearing aids. My audiologist was a HearPO provider, and it was easy. I called HearPO to have them send me and the audie the details and forms, and ordered ReSound Live 9 aids. They even took Care Credit for payment on a 12 month no interest plan. Aetna also reimbursed me $300.

I got a 60 day trial period with HearPO, and a three year warranty instead of the usual two.

Be aware that the HearUSA program has two tiers of participation. The way I understand it . . .

One tier provides for discounts off normal pricing, but is limited to only a few brands of hearing aids. The audiologist calculates the discount and maximum price allowed through the program. The price difference is eaten by the practice.

Another tier provides a discounted price to the consumer as well, but the pricing is set by the program and the program pays the audiologist a “fitter’s fee”. This tier incorporates a greater variety of hearing aid brands, but significantly limits the practice’s income potential. For this reason, many audiologists only participate in the first tier.

If you’re not thrilled about the limited selection of hearing aids available through the first tier program, you always have the option of going outside the program. Many audiologists would be willing to offer a similar discount (it’s not usually very deep) for a more desirable hearing aid.

Thank you for the feedback on HearUSA. I did have an appointment to see someone there on Monday, but I just came back from an appointment with an audiologist with Hear PO and she showed me the newest Resound CIC aid with the latest technology including Blue Tooth and I’m very excited about these aids. I’m not sure I’ll even keep the Monday appt. :slight_smile:

I did not use my HearPO benefit with my insurance plan. I think it is a matter of convenience; the closest audi/dispenser they had was really a doctor that was only in
the office on certain days. (I really wanted a place that operated full time). The next
closest place was quite far away…I could not picture myself travelling there for adjustments or repeat service. Of course, they only used certain brands also.

The extended warranty sounds like a good benefit of the plan. The discount I was unsure of. I certainly wasn’t going to pick a business that I needed follow up visits with simply because they were in a plan that may offer some discount. To be honest, I think it was the "we can see you three weeks from now and only on a wednesday at 1pm " that had me look elsewhere.

I’m glad to hear others had better luck with their participating HearPO providers.

Wow, sorry to hear that you had no full time audiologists local to you. It looks like you are in NJ as am I. You must be in a pretty remote area. I have so many audi’s local to me that I can pick from at least 5 within 10 miles.
Best of luck in the future.

This is kind of along the lines of this post, I had just found out that NRA (National Rifle Association - of which I am a member) has health coverage, but the coverage is only for Starkey brand aids. There were none in my area, which is extremely rural. The closest one was in Gorham, NH which is about one hour from where I live (in good weather). In poor weather, it could be two or more hours away!

Not only that, but there were certain restrictions and they would not pay $100%. With all the distance involved and the hassle of going by the book, I figured, forget that.