Hear pods

Does anyone have experience with hear pods? Only available online, but look pretty good. I am most interested in the “Invisapod” BTE style. I called the company and they said they will work for mod/severe loss especially when the loss is high frequency. www.hearpod.com

Well, I ordered the Invisapod this morning from hearpod.com. At 6:30 pm this evening I got an email that they have shipped. I’ll let you all know how they work out.

I saw them when I started looking. Something about them made me uncomfortable.

Geez, I wonder if the software and cables from AH would work with these as they are both based on ADRO?? Howie

Their website says:

“HearPod’s 32 channel chip is manufactured on the VoyageurTM platform with ADROTM technology from Dynamic Hearing. ADROTM is a high-end alternative to standard sound compression configurations used in most hearing aids.”

This means that the DSP could potentially be adjusted with the following programmer http://www.sounddesigntechnologies.com/support_Downloads_Soundfit.php IF you can get permission to download it AND if you can acquire the USB adapter that links to the hearing aid.

Bottom line: The open fit unit is priced the same as AmericaHears ($995) and Hearpod may not provide the same level of post-sales support. I could not find a link to get the programmer or the USB adapter on their website.

i had an uneasy feeling too - their report on what your doctor won’t tell you is “a $149 value” - (it is a 7 page PDF). It’s useful information and opinions, but it made me not trust them - I wrote the guy and told him so.

Marketing hyperbole can backfire you know!

Well I called their 800 number twice a week ago. Both calls answered appeared to be an answering service. They told me that thier supervisorwould call me back. I heard nothing for s few days, so I decided to email them. Basically, stating I had called, no one has called me back, etc. Within minutes of send ing the email, the owner called me an apologized for the problems, and thanked me for my input. We talked awhile, as he answered my questions related to products. All seemed pretty good, till I asked him why I could not find his company on the Better Business Bureau in North Carolina. He actually said that any company can register there, and its not a big deal? Well I think it is a big deal, and he told me that they would be registering with some on line BBB. Seems very shady to me. They advertise like crazy, must have PR firm that does many press releases, but the phone call issues, and the BBB response tells me something is not right.
I would love to hear from someone that has made a purchase recently.

Is it just me that thinks those are incredibly low numbers to say that it could suit a severe HF loss? Max output 107? HFA-OSPL90 only 103? Reference test gain 26? Lower than most “moderate” hearing instruments.

I got the BTE Invisipods around 6 months ago (R&L). I had them made to my own prescription. I’ve found them to be at least as good as some I’d paid twice as much for years ago. I was a bit wary when I ordered, but was glad I took the plunge. Delivery was fast and aftersales great (I needed some replacement ear cushions and was sent them free of charge). I’d read a write up by a journalist and that’s what first made me take a look.