Hear Now or Foundation for Sight and SOund?

I am trying to find financial assistance for hearing aids.
I found Hear Now - Starkey Hearing Foundation that wants a $150 per ear “processing fee”
I also found Help America Hear - Foundation for Sight and Sound that requires a $75 per ear “processing fee”.
I was wondering if anyone has gotten free hearing aids from either of these organizations with just the processing fee, or if they collect the fee and then for some mysterious reason you end up not qualifying and the fees, are, of course, non refundable.
Thank you

I have personally donated my professional services for the Starkey Hear Now program, and I have never seen anyone turned down.

Provided you meet the criteria explained in the documentation and are willing to prove that you meet said criteria you should be fine.

A hearing professional will donate their professional services for free, and Starkey (a for profit corporation) will give you free hearing aids often that have a market value of over $6,000 for a set.

Starkey have through their Foundation fitted over 400,000 hearing aids around the world and for free since the year 2000. The owner of the company, Bill Austin, is passionate about it in fact. Most of the work has been helping kids in third world countries who cannot get an education without the ability to hear.

You sound skeptical about the ‘processing fee’ but this is really a case where a company that doesn’t have to is helping people it doesn’t need to, and is genuinely giving back to the hard of hearing community.

My advice is to read the documentation carefully, be sure you meet the criteria, be sure you provide everything they ask for in your application, and you’ll be fine. In a few weeks you could be wearing a spanking new set of hearing aids worth several thousand for $300. I’ve seen dozens of patients achieve this, and have personally participated in the program. I even have a few certificates from Starkey thanking me for my time donation!

I’ve not heard of the other program, so you’ll have to wait for someone else to answer that one.

In any case, good luck!

Thank you so much. We live in rural South Dakota and my biggest problem is finding a participating provider within a reasonable distance. I don’t mind driving 100 miles or so, but not any providers in Rapid City, SD have even returned my call when I inquired about either of these programs. When I contacted the Hear Now people they told me they don’t have a list of participating providers, I just have to keep calling until I find one.

Other agencies that might provide help depends on employment needs or if person is a child. In many states, the State agencies e.g. Department of Rehabilitation, Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran Affairs, etc for adults, might pay for HA and Audi services. For children, there are Disability related services, e.g. Easter Seals, can help. Try a search for these agencies to see if these are options for SD.

Good Luck,

Yes you do have to be proactive. There isn’t a lot (anything) in it for the provider other than the warm and fuzzy feeling that they are doing the right thing.

If you call them saying you want to spend $7,000, they will call you back all day long! But if you tell them you want them to do a free test, and fitting, and probably spend a couple of hours with you for nothing, they won’t get too excited about it.

beleive that Starkey is a legitimate organization for receiving hearing aids w/o further fees. Fitting is another issue that I do not know how that is supported w/o fees for the audi.

I hope you do check this BB often as I’m sure someone can offer you more information.

Good luck,

The Foundation asks the hearing professional to donate their time for free. About once a year they sent a nice thank you letter to the professional and a certificate for the wall.

We don’t get anything out of it other than the knowledge that we are doing the right thing and giving back to the community. That’s payment enough for me.