Headphones with 3.5mm audio jack and telecoil enabled?


Hi all. I’m after a headphone (or headset) with a 3.5mm audio jack and built in telecoil (induction)?

I’m currently using a Jabra GN2100 headset on my landline phone, with the HAs on the telecoil setting. Works really well. No problems with orientation. Seems very hard to find the same with a 3.5mm audio jack for the mobile (cell / cellular) phone / PC (either as a headset or headphone).

What I have tried …

  • TecEar Music Link dual - Had these for many years. Positioning of the hooks on the ears was very difficult to maintain the sound (induction is direction specific). Moved the head an inch and could loose the sound. One of the plastic hooks has broken. Looking for an alternative.
  • Neck loop - Used a Phonak ComPilot, with the neck loop. Practically had to wear the loop over the ears to get any sound. The ComPilot battery died a long time ago. The expense (and extra paraphernalia) wasn’t worth it.
  • Streaming - The HAs don’t have the functionality.



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