Headphones for BTE hearing aids

So, I’m sure this topic comes up from time to time. I did search, but didn’t find quite what I was looking for.

I’d like to hear people give me their personal opinions on the specific headphone models they use for use with BTE hearing aids.

I’m thinking of changing out my current headphones. Currently I have Sony MDR-100ABN headphones. The comfort is fine, and the noise cancelling is decent, but they garble the sound coming out quite often, which becomes quite annoying.

What are the specific models of headphones you have used with BTE hearing aids?

What are your thoughts on:
-Comfort (especially for long listening sessions)
-Noise Cancelling
-Sound quality
-Headset capability

I personally like the Bose quiet comfort 35, I think mine are. For a few reasons, they cut out a lot of the plane engine noise. They have a great sound. They connect easily into the entertainment system on the plane. Finally they are a very comfortable fit over the top of my CI processor.

If you search on “music headphones” one can find several threads over the years on the topic. One of the most recent threads that even had a poll on user preferences on head phones is the following:

I fly a lot and have tried all the headphones with BT E aids. IMO Sennheiser noise cancelling are by far the best. The ear cups are the largest and seal well. They sound by far the best. The new Sony is pretty good just not as good. Bose noise cancelling is good but the sound is not accurate and there is a weird uncomfortable pressure.