Headphone usage with BTE HA's

I did a quick search and did not see anything directly related to this…so, I was wondering about stereo headphone combatibility with HA’s. Specifically, I am talking about a BTE type HA since I am finally getting serious about buying for my first set of HA’s and tried on a set of Oticon Agil Pro’s. I work with music a lot in a home studio and there are a many times the monitor speakers annoy the rest of the household. I also play live and tried a custom set of ITE headphones which I do not like. I prefer an over-the-ear or on-the-ear headphone since I still get some of the live sound as well as the monitor mix. Any thoughts?

I had some BTE aids with receivers in the ear and found that ear buds worked very well but not putting the audio through the aids. I did not find any good way to use over or on the ear earphones.

I now have ITE aids and find that on or over the ear earphones work fine because of the feedback prevention software.


If you get the Streamer with the Agil Pro’s you can have a wired connection from the computer, or other music source, direct into the Streamer, which in turns pumps the music direct into your HA’s via bluetooth. I have used mine a lot here at work with my computer.

I have only had my HA a couple weeks. I have an open fit BTE Phonak. I have absolutely no problem using my BlueTooth headset for most of the day. I assume I could use headphones - but the only time I’ve used them in the past is the noise canceling type on planes.
I just tried using some old headphones. Seems to work perfectly. Hooked them up to my BlackBerry and played some Pandora music that I usually play thru the car audio system.


I don’t know if earbud types work, however I am sure you could use the full-cushion type with headband over your head. I say that these might work as I have been using an expensive pair of hearing protectors (Peltor) which seem to cover my glasses ear hooks as well as my BTE aids, completely with no problems or uncomfort. For the hearing protection, I have been using them to operate my snowblower and to shoot guns, the hearing aids I just mute while I am using the Peltors.

If you have the larger cushion type of headphones, my suggestion would be to get an aid with a telecoil/autotelecoil and just put the headphones over the top. You won’t get any feedback and the drive from the coil of the headphones should provide enough field coupling for the telecoil.

Failing that, one of the streamer options is your next best bet: though not all systems are stereo.

Nor do they stream the entire dynamic range, only what your aids are amplifying.

Until recently, I’ve had zero luck with full headphones. And if you use the telephone coils for pick up, you’ll cut the fidelity tremendously.

Many BTE aids have some type of connection or “boot” for listening to music. But I don’t know much about them. If they use the coils, I’m sure they will be more convenient than anything.

I have been using ear hooks for several years. While they offer true stereo, and plenty of volume, they are very light and move around a lot. It just gets too annoying for me to keep moving them around to find the “sweet spot.” Also, since they go through the telecoils, the fidelity is diminished.

About a year ago, I was walking through a Best Buy store and saw some Bose noise reducing headphones. I slipped them on, and my knees buckled. The sound quality was out of this world, and they worked well with my BTE aids. I have found that with just a little fiddling around, I can wear them for fairly long times without having feedback. After awhile, they will shift, and I’ll have to play with them again. But I’ve never been able to use full headphones at all with my BTE. If they are within your budget, you should buy a pair from a store with a good return policy and try them out. Since I don’t use the telecoils with them, I don’t get any “buzz” through the aids, like I do on an airplane, or around certain electronic equipment when using telecoils.

I’m looking to buy new aids soon, and I will be looking seriously into Bluetooth enabled aids. But since most bluetooth devices (unless I’m wrong) can only transmit music to one other bluetooth device, I wonder if stereo is possible, or if you only hear with one aid? :confused::confused: Something to check before you commit. Although bluetooth might be worth the cost just for using a cellphone.

There are a number of stereo BlueTooth headsets on the market you can plug into your cell phone. I think some are also more in the style of a headPHONE rather than a headSET.


I work with professional audio frequently and don’t generally have problems with headphones that cover the ears. Modern hearing aids deal with feedback prone situations extremely well. I can’t even make my hearing aids feedback if I try to. Also having a good audiologist helps a great deal. Properly set up hearing aids can sound great and work well in almost all situations, even when wearing headphones. At least, that’s been my experience.

I use a nice pair of Sennheiser hd-280 pros when I mix live audio and have not had an issue with feedback. They provide sound isolation and also let me hear what is going on around me as well. I recommend them

My ipod buds don’t work as well with the BTE’s in, however, I can still listen to external sounds. Meaning, while listening to the ipod I can still have a conversation.
When I really want to list to the ipod/iphone I find it better to take out the aids.

This thread is confusing me. Posters keep jumping between topics. To straighten it out in my brain, I am going to list the music listening scenarios:

  1. BTE or similar with monitor. These are what non professionals call speakers. My experience is that in normal HA mode, I don't get near enough bass and get recruitment on high frequency instruments, like a Charlie Parker sax.
  2. BTE with headpnones. I think this is what started the thread. I too get feedback in regular or high noise HA mode. In telecoil, I get reduced fidelity and buzzing. Good to know there are some types of headphones that don't do either. Bose is known among audiophiles for decent products that cost twice what similar products cost.
  3. iPod earbuds or sports style wrap around phones. You have to take out your HAs right? Thus, you are not going to get good highs (with a typical HF loss), right?
  4. Bluetooth earbuds, clips. Similar to #3 above.
  5. HA Bluetooth or other wireless (e.g. FM.). Your speakers would be the speaker that comes with your HA. These are tiny and designed for the human voice in noise and compress lots of musical frequencies. These will not provide the timber, depth, soundstage, bass, or transparency of monitor/speakers or over the ear headphones, right?
  6. HA music mode. You click a button and use your HAs with monitors or headphones. No wireless right? This would seem to get the best fidelity as that mode should allow in the bass and frequencies you would not want in a crowded restaurant.

I’m guessing you were using ‘music links’. There are other varients that stay in place and couple better. The hatis epic vs the music link is reviewed here. My hatis epic did fail though, the rigid wire is no good at broke right at the earhook. I found a similarly shaped coupler for about half the price of the hatis, but it does not sound quite as good (inexplicable to me as it’s construction appears to be the same as the hatis).

Why not you try searching the internet to solve your query and get the best results? I think it is better to search the internet regarding the headphones as it is the best place to get them at great discounts. So, search for the large variety of headphones online.

I have used the Sennheiser headphone with my BTE oticons and they worked well. I can’t recall the model of the Sennheisers but over $300 and purchased them from Callone in Jacksonville FL…

There is an app for the Iphone/ipad designed for the hard of hearing. You can adjust the settings to enhance the freq. you need enhanced. The developer made a post on this forum in the past six months or so.

I also use Sennheiser HD 280 Pros–in fact I have a pair on right at the moment though I’m taking a break right now. I use them primarily for spoken voice when I need isolation. The headphone magnets often trip the coil in the aids as do a telephone pressed against the ear, but they work for me for this purpose. The Senns’ fidelity with classical music is a little off for me. For that, I’m more likely to use open air over-the-air Grado headphones which don’t have enough isolation for voice in noisy settings. I do not use earbud-type headphones for anything, and I no longer play music loud enough to cause feedback in the hearing aids. Playing material loudly through headphones is a good part of what got me in trouble with my hearing in the first place! I’m done with that.

My BTE ReSound Aleras have a wireless option for piping the sound straight into the aids. It works well for TV shows but not for much else, including movies on disc or music material. Same with Bluetooth. The fidelity is deficient and the aids clip due to dynamic range which exceeds the capacity of the aid to reproduce it faithfully. Or if playback is low enough to not clip, I can’t hear the quietest material. My guess is that most serious musicians or sound people are not going to be happy with any current hearing aid wireless or Bluetooth solutions for playing back music, though you can try.

I just tried my ancient Technics RP-HT116 headphones over my day-old Rexton Insite+ open-fit, and they sounded OK: no feedback. I tried the T-coil setting and was hearing a kind of buzzing along with the music in quiet passages.

Z300M, you mention the buzzing on t-coil setting, I get the same thing with my Epoqs. As long as I’m using my Sennheiser with the aids on normal listening program I can hear relatively well, not so with t-coil.

Has anyone used these cans with a BTE Aid? They appear to have big cups and seem pretty comfortable. Any users out there please?